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                    Mexico Pavilion at Epcot                                  
                                                                  By FloridaDiva

The tiled roof that covers the caramel and terracotta colored walls of The Cantina marks the way to the Mexico Pavilion at World Showcase in Epcot. Guests can stop by for nachos and margaritas here, or take the jungle lined path towards the Aztec pyramid further back.

Photo Courtesy of Todd Sleppy
 As you climb the steps to the entrance, you’re greeted by colorful wall carvings and the sounds of a mariachi band. Passing through the doorway to the inside of the looming symbol of Mexico’s ancient culture, you are welcomed by historical artifacts and beautiful artwork that exemplifies the creativity and talent of this country’s people.

Mere steps beyond these displays the pyramid temple opens up to reveal a Mexican village at twilight. At its center is the village square, complete with large fountain and marketplace. Here, you can purchase a wide array of handmade souvenirs, including maracas, piñatas, jewelry and even my childhood favorite, colorful paper flowers. Watch artisans hand paint intricate designs on pottery and wood carvings, and, in the middle of the bustling marketplace, you can’t help but feel that you’ve been transported to the heart of Mexico. Warning, it is really DARK in there! Give your eyes a little time to adjust before you start walking. 

Photo courtesy of Todd Sleppy

Surrounding the square are shops, all with plaster exteriors, and rounded corner architecture. Stone streets, tile accents and protruding wood beams, all accurately depict the atmosphere of a quaint, out of the way, town in Mexico. One shop even offers (if you’re 21 and over) the opportunity to learn about the history of Tequila; Mexico’s most famous export.

In the distance is a lagoon and ancient ruins, threatened by an active volcano. On its banks, the San Angel Inn is modeled after a hacienda, of the same name, that was converted to a restaurant in 1915. Reservations are required to dine at this romantic, full service restaurant and they fill up fast as many are anxious to enjoy an authentic Mexican meal at the foot of Mayan ruins while watching the boats from the Gran Fiesta Tour float by, in the lagoon. As the sounds of tropical birds and Spanish guitars fill the air, you get lost in Mexico’s relaxing evening.

Photo courtesy of Todd Sleppy
This attraction features all the best that Mexico has to offer; rich culture, a high energy and friendly marketplace and a romantic water front restaurant filled with the sights, sounds and tastes from our neighbors to the south. As someone who has visited Mexico many times and has experienced its friendly hospitality at resorts, islands, villages, marketplaces and ruins; I can attest to this attractions authenticity.

Gracias amigos!  

Tips: This attraction is suitable for all ages and is wheelchair accessible.