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Strollers at Disney World

Even Big Kids need a stroller

By Pink Diva

Most kids starting around the age of three or four do NOT like using a stroller.  They have graduated to Big Kid.  They want to walk everywhere.  While this is true in every day life, it is different at Disney.

My little ones are now four and six.  We have recently stopped using a stroller in the parks.  However, we only go for a few hours at a time and usually only a couple of times a month.  It’s still tough for them and we end up carrying the four-year old a few times.

In my experience, it is much easier to have younger kids in a stroller when going all day.  On average, people walk 12-14 miles per day at Disney World.  That’s a whopping 48-56 miles in four days!  (My feet are tired just thinking about it!) That’s tiring for most adults, let alone kids with little legs.  Your Big Kid may not like the idea of a stroller at first, but after the first few miles they will be thanking you.  Or at least not begging you to pick them up.

A few Pros for getting your Big Kid a stroller:

  1. You can get places quicker with kids in a stroller.
  2. A stroller is a great place to keep all your stuff.  That means less for you to carry!
  3. There are many great local places to rent strollers from so you don’t have to bring your own.  These are three Disney recommends:
    1. Orlando Stroller Rentals: (800) 281-0884
    2. Kingdom Strollers: (407) 271-5301
    3. Magic Strollers: (866) 866-6177
  4. It is a built-in seat while waiting for the parades.
  5. The kids can take a quick nap if they need too.
  6. It is much easier to have younger kids eat snacks while riding than while walking.
Riding a stroller in Disney / Even Big Kids Need A Stroller!

My Big Kid happy to be riding in the stroller.

You can always park the stroller in the area you are going to be in and only use it for long distances.  Example: Park it in the stroller parking in Tommorrowland while you do everything there then pick it up and take it over to Storybook Circus.  That way you aren’t getting in and out constantly.

Disney rents strollers at every park (except water parks) which is very convenient.  You only have to deal with them while you are in the park.  They run from $15 (single) to $30 (double) per day.  They are nice strollers, but not for anyone under 2.

Always parkyour stroller in designated spots / Even Big Kids Need A Stroller!

There is designated Stroller Parking-use it!

Here are a few stroller tips I have learned along the way:

  1. Your stroller will be moved.  Cast Members frequently consolidate strollers, so don’t be surprised if yours get shifted from time to time.  It will be in the same area, just maybe a row or two over.
  2. Have something to mark your stroller.  Balloons, ribbons, plaques, stroller markers-anything you can easily identify.
  3. Don’t leave valuables in the stroller.  Disney is very safe, but there are villains everywhere.  Don’t risk it.
  4. There are air compressors you can use if you need to fill up a stroller tire.  They are located where you rent wheelchairs and are FREE.
  5. You must fold strollers down when riding any bus or tram.  Take this into consideration when deciding which/how many strollers to take.  I recommend one stroller per two adults.  Here is why: If you are taking the bus you have to fold the stroller.  One person has to hold the stroller plus any bags/items from the stroller.  If the child is sleeping (especially true for younger kids if you have had a busy day!) someone needs to carry the child.  It is very difficult to carry a sleeping child and a stroller.
  6. If you realize you do need a stroller, there is a great umbrella stroller available throughout the parks for around $40.
Using a stroller at Disney / Even Big Kids Need A Stroller!

My Big Kid taking a much-needed nap.

Ultimately, the choice is yours whether you think your child can keep up with all the walking.  If you do decide you child needs a stroller, you know they are available.  Because sometimes even the Big Kids need a stroller!

After planning on whether a stroller is the option for you, consult with our FREE Disney Diva Travel Agent Patricia at All for Dreams Travel on planning the rest of your Disney vacation!