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Tomorrowland Stroller Parking

By Undercover Diva

One of the most stressful parts of a Disney trip for any parent is the dreaded stroller parking. You are always afraid someone might take your stuff or worse, take the whole stroller. And what if someone moves it?! Here are a few tips on how to get rid of some of the stress of dealing with a stroller.

Stroller Tips!

  • If you can manage to bring your own stroller, do it. One of the biggest confusion for guests is trying the find that one brown and blue stroller with their name on it in the sea of brown and blue. If you do end up renting your own stroller from Disney, bring some sort of ribbon that you can tie around the handle so it is easier to identify. Also, on the card they give you to write your name, make sure you write big and fancy, this will help when searching later.
  • This means “Do Not Park Here’

    Make sure you park in designated stroller parking! This is a big one folks. A sure fire way to make sure someone moves your stroller is to park it right next to the “No Stroller Parking” sign. Now, 99.9% of the time the person who moves it is a Cast Member, but I promise if you park out of the designated area, it will be moved. Please don’t try and be sneaky and try to hide your stroller where a Cast Member won’t find it because they know all the tricks and your stroller will be moved.

  • Don’t get mad at a Cast Member when they move your stroller, they are just doing their job. If they move it to a new area, most likely they are just trying to keep entrances and exits clear. If your stroller is actually in stroller parking, the Cast Members may move your stroller slightly just to help keep walkways clear. If you think you are mad about them moving your stroller a couple feet, think how mad you would be if you couldn’t walk because strollers we clogging up the walkways.
  • Once you are in an area, keep your stroller there. If you find stroller parking while in Adventureland, keep it in that one spot. Yes there may be several different stroller parking areas within each land or area that you are in, but if you leave it in one spot as long as possible, you will be playing the “find the stroller” game much less.
  • Be aware of temporary parking spots. Some spots may be only open for Extra Magic Hours or for the Halloween and Christmas Parties but not available during a normal day. Other spots may be open during the morning and early afternoon, but have to get cleared for parades or fireworks. If you parked in one of these areas and can’t find your stroller, just ask a Cast Member in the area. They will be happy to tell you where your stroller may have been moved to.
  • If you can manage to not bring a stroller, don’t. I’ve heard many parents say they wouldn’t come to Disney until their kids didn’t need the stroller. At the same time, I’ve seen some 13 year-olds who barely fit in the strollers force their parents to push them around all day. This will be different for each child, but if you think your child can make it though the day just walking, let them do it. There will be less stress for you and they will sleep better at night from all the energy they burned!
  • A great (and only) way to protect your stroller

    Disney does not provide covered shelter from the rain or sun, so don’t get mad if you find your stroller in the rain if you parked it under a covering. If your stroller came with rain protection, make sure you bring it with you. If not, many people buy ponchos from either Disney or the local store and cover their strollers with that. If you don’t want a soggy stroller, make sure you take the steps to avoid it and don’t expect the Cast Members to do it for you.

  • Don’t leave your valuables with your stroller! While there is most likely a Cast Member in the stroller parking area, they are not there to watch your stroller. There is no way for them to watch the strollers and know whose is whose. They are not going to know that is isn’t you who walked up to your stroller and took the purse off the top. Now, in most cases balloons and drinks and such are fine to leave with your stroller, but if someone isn’t paying attention and accidentally grabs your stroller instead of theirs, you might be down a Sprite.
Look for signs that tell you where you can and can not park

Thank You Dopey Diva for helping with pictures!