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By Pink Diva

The Barnstormer is a great junior roller coaster.  It has all the thrills of a big coaster, but on a smaller scale.  This is a great first roller coaster for little ones or anyone who may be a little uneasy with the speed and dips of the bigger coasters.


The planes

Located in Storybook Circus at the Magic Kingdom in WDW, The Barnstormer depicts The Great Goofini’s acrobatic plane ride.  This is the second edition of the ride.  The first Barnstormer at Goofy’s Wiseacre Farm was the inspiration for the one you see now.  The original ride featured Goofy instructing riders on how to fly his homemade airplane.  The riders would twist and turn their way around the tracks and return safely to the barn.


The Great Goofini!

The updated Barnstormer follows a similar tale.  While the ride itself is still the same, it was re-themed for The Great Goofini to go along with the Storybook Circus theme.  You board a plane and follow The Great Goofini’s acrobatic act, once again landing you back in the barn.  The updated ride opened in February 2011 and has been delighting little acrobats since.

TIP: Secure your items.  Items not secured WILL fall off of the coaster.  

The Barnstormer is a junior roller coaster, but still fast and fun.  Riders over 35 inches (89 cm) will delight in the one-minute ride reaching top speeds of 25 mph (40.2 kph).  The coaster itself is designed to look like a plane.  The front plane has the propeller which is able to spin.  Guests sit two per row with a maximum of 16 people per coaster in the eight cars.

TIP: Your pictures is not taken on the ride.  There is a great place to get a picture once  you exit the ride.


The Great Goofini theme

When riding the Barnstormer keep in mind that it is a real roller coaster.  All safety procedures need to be followed.  Secure your belongings.  When items fly off the coaster the ride needs to shut down in order to retrieve those items.  This causes unnecessary delays.  Follow all posted signs and Cast Member instructions to ensure everyone has a magical time.

TIP: Riders under 7 must be accompanied by someone 14 or older.

Riders must be able to transfer from a wheelchair.  The roller coaster may be designed with kids in mind, but those under the age of seven must ride with someone over the age of 14.  You may use the rider switch program if you have little ones too small or too scared to ride.  You can also use a FastPASS with this ride.  While we have used the FastPASS when the wait time was long, we usually wait in the stand-by line.  The ride moves quickly and we have never waited for more than 30 minutes.


Flying through the billboard

TIP: The Barnstormer is located next to Dumbo.  We usually take our daughter on the Barnstormer and our son on Dumbo.  Then we switch so each kid gets to do their favorite ride twice and the little guy isn’t left out.

My daughter has dubbed the barnstormer “her ride.”  She loves that it goes fast, but isn’t as scary as some of the bigger roller coasters.  She loves the thrills and this is perfect for her.  She has ridden the Mine Ride and while she has requested to ride it again, she was scared the first time. (Maybe a little terrified.  FYI-try not to let your 3-year-old ride the Mine Ride for the first time at night.  If they want to ride it do it in the daylight)

If you have young kids and find yourself in Storybook Circus don’t miss out on the Barnstormer.  Besides, haven’t you always wanted to fly a plane through a billboard?


Fly Again Soon!