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by Character Diva

Holiday Mischief with Stitch- 25 Naughty Things to Do

Whether you are just now coming across this article, or if you are continuing on from our ‘Holiday Mischief with Stitch- 25 “Nice” Things to Do‘ article, we have all kinds of fun ideas for you! Disney has created its own holiday version of Elf on the Shelf or Mensch on a Bench, by adding everyone’s favorite alien, Stitch into the mix! If you ever saw the original movie commercials, you may remember that Stitch often upstaged some of our favorite Disney classic characters. So it’s no wonder that he has found a way to crash your holiday season as well!

“Holiday Mischief with Stitch” can be found online or at the Disney Store. It comes with a little Stitch stuffed animal to show up around various places, as well as a cute little book where Lilo helps educate Stitch about different holiday traditions. The story is short but cute, and this is a great way to show your love of Disney and help make new traditions during the holiday season.

As mentioned earlier, I previously covered “25 Nice Things to Do“, so here is my list of “25 Naughty Things to Do”.

Holiday Mischief with Stitch- 25 Naughty Things to Do

1. Stitch knock over some of your holiday decorations or scatter them on the table or on a counter.

2. Have Stitch eat part of your gingerbread house. Try to repair it with Graham crackers and frosting or other candy.

Holiday Mischief with Stitch- 25 Naughty Things to Do

3. Have Stitch scatter Christmas or other holiday books all over the room.  Reward your family with holiday storytime after you pick them all backup

4. Have Stitch make a trail of footprints in flour. Reward your family with baked goods after you clean up his mess!

5. Have Stitch lock your kids’ favorite toys outside the house in the cold. Reward your kids with hit cocoa to warm themselves up after they’ve rescued their favorite toys.

6. Have Stitch scatter your favorite Christmas or other holiday movies around the house. Reward your family with popcorn and a family movie night to celebrate. 

7. Have Stitch knock over your Christmas tree. Disney Diva Tip: Ideally just have your tree remain at an angle to minimize the cleanup.

8. Have Stitch switch sugar with salt for your baking ingredients. Have your kids taste the different ingredients beforehand and warn that you think Stitch may have tampered with them so you don’t really botch a batch of cookies!

Holiday Mischief with Stitch- 25 Naughty Things to Do

9. Have Stitch knock over your snowman. While you can use one outside, that may bring on more tears. For an alternative, Disney has a great printable Olaf you can print, cut out and then assemble. Disney Diva Tip: I recommend using cardstock and/or laminating Olaf if you want to use him again in the future. You can also attach magnets to the back of the pieces and then stick them in the fridge or on a metal cookie sheet to keep all of the pieces neat.

10. Have Stitch stomp through your Christmas village just like he did when he showed Lilo his interpretation of invading San Francisco.

11. Have Stitch swap out your holiday decorations for those of another holiday, such as Halloween or Easter. You can get really creative with this and try to hang Easter eggs as ornaments or replace the presents with Easter eggs or Halloween jack-o-lantern goody buckets. Swapping out your traditional Christmas decorations for Nightmare Before Christmas decor can be fun too.

12. This next idea is one my uncle actually did as a prank when we were younger… Have Stitch cover all of the present label tags with his name so that every present is addressed to Stitch. Disney Diva Tip: Make sure you do this with paper or put another label on the bottom of the package do you know who it really belongs to!

13. Have Stitch make a snow angel in flour, sugar, or hot cocoa mix. Suggest your family go outside and make some in the snow outside after you clean up the mess.

14. Have Stitch hide your stockings. See who can find them first.

15. Have Stitch hide your presents. Give your kids a map to find out where he stashed them.

Holiday Mischief with Stitch- 25 Naughty Things to Do with Stitch

16. Have Stitch switch out cookies or other baked goods for brussel sprouts, peas or some other vegetable.

17. Have Stitch leave piles of coal instead of candy in your kids’ shoes or in their Advent calendar. Have the chocolate or treats hiding underneath or in a bag behind Stitch.

18. If you celebrate St. Nicholas Day or just want to play a prank on your kids, have Stitch take everyone’s left shoe. Hey, Jumbaa said Stitch was made to do it.

19. Have Stitch steal Santa’s naughty list and write your kids’ names on it.

20. Have Stitch replace real candy canes with paper ones. Disney Diva Tip: use cardstock or laminate them for extra durability.

21. Have Stitch toilet paper the living room to look like a winter wonderland.

22. Have Stitch leave out coal cookies (chocolate cookies covered in black food coloring).

23. Have Stitch shred one present open. Disney Diva Tip: Preferably one the whole family can enjoy like a box of candy or pairs of pajamas that everyone can wear that evening.)

Holiday Mischief with Stitch- 25 Naughty Things to Do

24. Have Stitch Eat Santa’s Cookies and Milk (cut out a strip of white paper and tape it onto his mouth for a milk mustache).

25. Have Stitch wrap up toys in tangled up Christmas lights. Untangle the toys and then put the lights on your Christmas tree or on around your house.

Holiday Mischief with Stitch- 25 Naughty Things to Do

Whatever activities you choose, we hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season and enjoy having some holiday mischief with Stitch!