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by Character Diva

Holiday Mischief with Stitch- 25 Nice Things to Do

While not all of us have the luxury of spending the holidays at a Disney destination (and some of us avoid it all together to avoid the large crowds that come with it), there are still plenty of great ways to show off your Disney side around the holidays!

The Elf on the Shelf, Mensch on a Bench and other Advent and holiday traditions have been around for quite some time… but now Disney is adding their own holiday tradition with the book “Holiday Mischief with Stitch”. Currently sold at the Disney Store and online, the set includes a book in which Stitch learns about some of the popular holidays such as Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa, and also some of the holiday traditions that families celebrate.

So how does “Holiday Mischief with Stitch” work? 

While I know everyone has their own spin on things, I tried to choose activities that the whole family could participate in together. For me, the holidays are a time to grow in my faith and also grow closer to friends and family and those around me in my community. While there are definitely plenty of lists out there and a plethora of ideas, I hope you and your family enjoy the list I’ve created of fun, “nice” activities for Stitch and your family to try. 

1. Make an Advent Chain- Pose Stitch next to strips of paper (red and green for Christmas, blue and white for Hanukkah, purple and pink for Advent) and glue sticks. Then write down good deeds you can do as you count down! Looking for ideas on good deeds? Check out Disney Diva’s Advent Calendar here.

2. Write a Letter to Santa- Pose Stitch with his letter to Santa. Have paper, crayons, and pencils for your kids to draw or write their wish list too!

3. Get a Christmas Tree- Have Stitch hold a miniature pine tree (a fake one is fine) and leave a note saying you are going to pick out/set up a Christmas tree today!

Holiday Mischief with Stitch- 25 Nice Things to Do

4. Read Christmas or other Holiday Books- Place Stitch by Bible, the book of Maccabees, or some other religious or holiday story to really help your family get into the holiday spirit.

5. Drink Hot Cocoa- Pose Stitch with mugs (bonus if they are Disney ones!) and hot cocoa packets with a note saying it’s time for a hot chocolate party!

6. Christmas Movies- Everyone loves Christmas movies! Stack a pile of some of your favorite Christmas DVDs and your remote next to Stitch with a bag of popcorn for you to heat up. Disney Diva Tip: Want to stream Christmas videos instead? Not a problem. Hand Stitch your Roku remote or whatever you use to stream your videos and the popcorn and you’re all set!

Holiday Mischief with Stitch- 25 Nice Things to Do

7. Build a Snowman- Help Stitch build a snowman! Whether you are really going outside to build one, or just want to use this fun printable one of Olaf for your family to assemble, you can definitely have fun getting ready for winter. Disney Diva Tip: If you want to add more Disney fun, add Anna, Elsa, Olaf, Kristoff and/or Sven to your finding Stitch scene or be really creative and have him make an igloo out of sugar cubes and glue!

8. Sing Christmas Carols- Pose Stitch with a microphone and sing some of your favorite Christmas carols and holiday tunes! Whether you’re rocking out to the radio or the Christmas channel on Pandora, or you’re singing your favorite songs a capella or doing karaoke, it’ll definitely have you getting into the holiday spirit!

9. Ice skating- If you’re lucky enough to live near an ice rink, pose Stitch next to your child’s ice skates, or even find some doll sized ones for him with a note that you’re going ice skating together!

10. Wrap Presents- Pose Stitch by wrapping paper and have your family help wrap gifts. Whether they are for friends, family members, teachers, neighbors or others in your community, help Stitch learn the joy of sharing and blessing others.

11.Learn about Holidays- If you celebrate a particular holiday, pose Stitch next to a nativity scene, a menorah, or something else that represents your holiday tradition and teach Stitch what your holiday is all about. You can also take it a step further and teach him about a holiday someone else celebrates. 

Holiday Mischief with Stitch- 25 Nice Things to Do

12. Gingerbread Houses- It’s time to decorate gingerbread houses! Whether you do everything from scratch or have a kit on hand, set Stitch next to piles of candy and have your family show off your architect skills as you assemble the gingerbread house together!

13. Look at Christmas Lights- Pose Stitch next to a strand of Christmas lights with a note saying you’re going to hang up lights on the roof or drive around in your car and look at them.

14. Pick a Gift for a Child in Your Community- Pose Stitch with a new toy, coat, or something else for a child in need. There are so many great organizations helping children in your community! Have Stitch pick a tag and then have your family drop off your gift.

15. Play a holiday-themed game! Whether you’re teaching Stitch how to play Spin the Dreidel, pin the red nose on Rudolph, or our personal favorite, have an indoor snowball fight, teach Stitch some fun ways to stay entertained while staying inside on a cold winter’s day.

16. Decorate your Christmas tree. Give Stitch the star or tree topper for your Christmas tree or have him sitting on top of a box of ornaments for your family to hang on your tre

17. Meet Santa. Pose Stitch next to a camera with a note saying you’re going to meet Santa. Bonus if you have Santa take a picture with StitchLay out your shoes- If your family celebrates St. Nicholas Day, make sure you have Stitch guarding your kiddos’ shoes with all the candy and treats from St. Nicholas.

18. Have Stitch have a miniature Christmas party with your children’s favorite dolls, stuffed animals or other toys. Make sure to leave an invitation for your child to join the party (or have their own holiday playdate with their friends or family too).

Holiday Mischief with Stitch- 25 Nice Things to Do With Stitch

19. Polar Express Party- This is one of my boys’ favorite Christmas movies… if you’re lucky enough to live near a train station that offers tides in the Polar Express, you can give Stitch your tickets and/or a bell. If you don’t live nearby or you’re just looking to save money, warm up some cocoa, grab a plate of cookies or other munchies, and have your kids crawl into a laundry basket or box, and have them enjoy a “drive in” experience as they watch the movie (or you can use your imagination and make your own train out of boxes or laundry baskets)! Don’t forget to have bells or tickets and a hole punch handy!

20. Christmas Letters and/or Pictures- Place a stack of cards, stamps, and envelopes next to Stitch. Then as a family, work on your Christmas letter together. Ask each family member to share some of their favorite memories throughout the year and then write them down. Don’t forget to take some Christmas photos! Disney Diva Tip: Add Stitch in a silly one just for fun. Bonus points if it’s at a Disney theme park or you get pictures of him traveling with you to wherever you are spending the holidays.

21. Charity Jar- Have Stitch guard a jar for your child to fill up throughout the holiday season. Every time they do a good deed, they can earn money (or marbles that they can exchange for money) and then they can donate it to one or more charities of their choice!

23. Hang Up Stockings- Have Stitch hiding in one of the stockings with a note saying its time to hang up your stockings!

Holiday Mischief with Stitch- 25 Nice Things to Do

24. Bake cookies! Pose Stitch with all of your ingredients and get ready to bake cookies for Santa, your neighbors, or those closest to you

25. Pose Stitch with some of your other Disney toys and give them each a small present for them to give to your family members. Disney Diva Tip: Stickers, pieces of candy, candy canes and other small gifts like miniature bubbles are cheap gifts for your toys to present to family members. You can also have Stitch give gifts (such as accessories or doll outfits) to the other toys instead.  

Holiday Mischief with Stitch- 25 Nice Things to Do

Whatever you have planned for the holidays, we hope you have a wonderful holiday season! And for more fun suggestions, make sure you come back and read our list of 25 Naughty Things for Stitch to Do!