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By British Diva

With a little imagination & a ridiculous sense of humour ….
…… that’s how I visited WDW without ever leaving home!
What’s that….you don’t believe me yet?
It’s not a lie & my nose isn’t growing longer & longer like Pinocchio’s!
I’m quite sure that you will have heard of Flat Stanley…..
Well I’d like to introduce you to ‘Flat Jane‘ 
Never one to let trivia get in the way of having a good time, the idea of creating Flat Jane as her Walt Disney World travelling companion came from the magical mind of my good friend Janice.
This fun project came to life because unfortunately British Diva (aka Flat Jane) couldn’t fly across the Atlantic and join her friends for a Mickey Moms Club meet & greet at Cosmic Rays in the Magic Kingdom Park. 

Flat Jane made the perfect globetrotting gal because she is – 

– Easy to pack & as light as a feather, 
– Won’t need a passport, airline ticket or park hopper, 
– Won’t cost a penny to feed,
– Will strike a pose & smile in every picture,
& will go everywhere & anywhere with absolutely no complaints

So here’s the proof that British Diva could go to WDW without ever leaving home! 



You too can design your very own WDW travel buddy by choosing and printing a suitable picture, cutting out the silhouette, gluing on to some stiff card, laminating and then attaching on to a lolly stick.  Ta-dah! a Flat _____. 

My special thanks to Janice @ The Adult Side of Disney for the use of her amusing photographs! 
“Now remember Pinocchio, be a good boy and always let your conscience be your guide”. – The Blue Fairy.