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 By Tangled Diva

Pizza Planet was a first trip favorite!

On our second Disney trip, he pitched a fit when we were getting on Journey into Imagination With Figment (Epcot), because he said it stunk. We just figured he thought it was boring and didn’t want to ride it. It wasn’t until we got into the “smell” room and they piped in the skunk smell that we realized he was speaking literally. This was the first of many things he surprised us by having remembered.   But, regardless of whether or not he remembered every detail, he did remember the fun we had and the memories we made and still talks about that first trip (we’ve taken 2 since then).Some people only go to Disney once or twice in their life, and they want to ensure that their children remember the trip and the memories made there.  For these people, I would recommend waiting until their child is at least 5-6.  For those with multiple children, I would recommend that you go when the oldest is 5-6 and plan on going again when the younger ones are old enough to remember.  Sadly, the window during which everything is real is growing smaller and smaller these days, and you don’t want to miss it.  My son at 6, while he still loves Disney World and everything about it, is very attuned to the fact that they are all in costumes playing a part. On our first trip, it was all completely real to him.  But, even after the age where everything is “real,” the magic is still there.  I am convinced they pipe it in the Disney “bubble” somehow.

First Time on Mission to Mars (Green) - One of the third trip favorites

First Time on Mission to Mars (Green) – One of the third trip favorites

If you plan on taking your kids to Disney more than once, then, it really doesn’t matter.  Although, if avoidable, I would not want to take an infant (under 2).  The exception to this is if you have an older child approaching the “magic window.”  Then, I would take an infant or leave him/her with grandparents while you take the older child(ren).  There are stroller rentals and excellent stroller parking areas, so don’t let the fear of having a baby at Disney keep you from going.  One of my favorite parts of Disney now that my son has been multiple times is seeing how much his tastes change each time.  Each trip he has a new favorite ride and park.There is also no age too old for a first trip to Disney.

In January/February 2013, my family (me, husband and son along with my parents, sister and cousin) went to Disney.  This was my cousin Danielle’s (30 years old) first trip.  I can honestly say watching her take in and react to everything was every bit as much fun—maybe even more fun—than watching my son’s first trip.  It was fun watching a grown adult completely revert to childhood and race to meet favorite characters and be completely star struck once their turn in line came.  Danielle jumped—quite literally—for joy everywhere we went.  Our next trip Danielle’s sister Lindsey is planning to come, and it will be her first trip, so we can’t wait to get the same reaction from her (no pressure, Lindsey :))!

Danielle Jump 2Danielle Jump 1

ArielDisney is for kids—young, old and in between.  It is virtually impossible to visit and not be completely sucked into the “bubble.”  When you enter the “bubble,” you become a kid, and you have that child-like innocence and care-freeness  that reality often robs us of.  I will warn you though that Disney depression is very real too.  When you leave and return to reality, it is hard.  Here are some fun and easy coping tips.

So, young, old or in-between–Disney is for everyone.  There is no perfect age because Disney has its own magic that is not limited by age.  And, every trip that magic changes, which is part of the fun.  And, while it may not always be “real,” it will always be MAGICAL!!!