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By: Disneylove Diva

001“It’s a small world after all. It’s a small, small world!” It is a small world after all and on this exciting boat ride you find out why. This all so famous attraction at the Magic Kingdom takes you into different countries and you get to experience the culture of each, while also learning the “It’s a small world” song in many different languages. This 10.5 minute boat ride is very amusing and perfect for small kids. Warning: you WILL have the song stuck in your head all day so be prepared!!

This is a slow-moving ride so you won’t have to worry about motion sickness and best of all, it is air-conditioned!  This ride is the perfect way to escape the Florida heat and if its raining a great place to wait out the storm. I personally love this ride because it is so cute. My best experience on this ride was with my 2-year-old niece. She absolutely loved this ride and because of that we rode it 4 times in two days. Each day she would wake up and ask “We ride boat?” Of course she was talking about It’s a small world.  At age  2 she knew some of the words and was singing along- and so was I!

This attraction is offers an accessible boat, so you will have the choice as to whether to transfer or not.  There are also audio description and handheld captioning available to those who need it. Overall this ride is cute, but for some it may be boring. I know that my dad is not a fan of this ride even though I love it. I always tell him if he doesn’t have to ride if he doesn’t want too.

The ride is basically a boat ride that takes you through many different countries. The major themes of this ride include: Europe, Asia, Africa, Central/South America, South Pacific Islands, the Finale, and the goodbye scene. On the ride you can hear the “It’s a small world” song sang in many different languages (depending on what country you are in), you will also see the dolls singing the song in their native and traditional clothing and even native animals for that country. It is very neat seeing the dolls dressed in their native clothing because you are getting a taste of that country’s culture. Each turn takes you into a new country and at the end of the ride all the countries join together to sing the song and tell you goodbye. By this point in the ride you should know the lyrics to the song so sing along in the finale and wave goodbye to the dolls. See if you can guess where each doll is from, it is a little harder because they are all dressed in white in this scene.

Now onto Hidden Mickey’s! For this being such a large and popular attraction I would think that it would have more than 2 Hidden Mickey’s. But this is because the ride hasn’t been refurbished in quite a while and it was built before Hidden Mickey’s were so popular. But with that said these 2 Hidden Mickey’s can be hard to find so make sure you keep your eyes peeled. As I said be prepared to have the song 042stuck in you head for the entire day. As always have fun and remember “It’s a small world after all!”