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By Pink Diva

In my opinion, the World Showcase at ECPOT is probably the least kid-friendly part of the parks.  My family can spend a whole day there exploring the aquarium at the end of the Nemo ride, watching the Pixar Shorts, using our imagination with Figment or riding Fast Track and Soarin’.  Once we start going through the World Showcase the kids tend to get bored quickly.

IMG_0291 (480x640)

Canada’s Kidcot Fun Stop

Right now at five and almost three, the history of these countries don’t appeal to them yet.  They don’t want to go into each building and see what it has to offer.  Or to stop and read about a particular custom or artifact. They do love watching the performers, the boat ride in Mexico, the drums at the Outpost and seeing the characters.  However, sometimes we want to see the countries and go into the buildings and look around.  That’s where Kidcot Fun Stops comes in!

IMG_0294 (480x640)

The kids coloring their signs

Kidcot Fun Stop stations are located in each of the countries around the World Showcase.  They are usually in the shade or air conditioning so it’s a great place to stop and rest.   Canada has a great big area with a few picnic tables in what looks like a cave.  It’s a great place to get out of the rain or have a picnic.  There are normally two cast members at a table with Perry the Platypus (while supplies last) and Duffy signs to color with markers.

The signs are made up from cardstock and cut out to look like Duffy and in the past Perry the Platypus.  They each have a stick similar to a paint stirrer attached to the back.  They are pretty hardy and make great fans!  There is no cost (yay free!) for the Kidcot Fun Stops.  While you should only pick up one sign per person, you can color at all the Kidcot stops.

TIP: Have kids color different parts of the sign at each country.  That way you can spend more time in each country and not all your time in one.

IMG_0302 (480x640)

Morocco’s Kidcot Fun stop

Each Kidcot Fun Stop has a stamp from that country.  Kids of all ages can color their own sign and collect the stamps of each country.  The cast members can also write something on the back in the native language.  We have had them do the kids’ names, hello and the traditional Christmas greeting.  Pretty much whatever you would like to have them write they can do.

TIP: If you start in Canada ask them to cut the sign into a special character.  A cast member in another country let us know they may be able to make princesses or superheroes.

The cast members at each Kidcot Fun Stop are wonderful with the kids.  They enjoy talking to kids about their country, traditions and customs.  We like to ask them about something related to the kids at the moment. Broad things you can ask in every country works the best.  Howe does your country celebrates a particular holiday, how do they celebrate birthdays, or what kids do for fun.

IMG_0301 (640x480)

More coloring!

Kidcot Fun Stops are a great little stopping point along the World Showcase.    They entertain the young and young at heart.  Next time you are in the World Showcase stop by and let your littlest world travelers have some fun!