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The book "Little Man of Disneyland"

The book “Little Man of Disneyland”

Walt Disney ’s Little Man of Disneyland was published in 1955 as “A Mickey Mouse Club Book” in the Little Golden Book series.  Written by Jane Werner under one of her pen names, “Annie North Bedford.” (The Golden Book offices were on North Bedford Drive in Beverly Hills.)  The full color illustrations were done by the Walt Disney Studio and adapted by Dick Kelsey. Mr. Kelsey assisted in the design of Disneyland, art director for Disney films such as Bambi, Dumbo and more.

Little Man of Disneyland is the charming story of Patrick Begorra, a leprechaun who lives in a tiny house at the bottom of an Anaheim orange tree.  Then one day Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, and Goofy show up walking around in the grove. After a minor altercation between Patrick and Donald, Mickey explains to Patrick who they are and that they need to remove trees to start building.
Patrick, not very happy about this since that is his home, asks what are they going to build.  “A wonderful place called Disneyland” said Mickey, “with all sorts of marvelous things…a rocket trip to the moon, a magic pirate ship that can really fly…”  As you can imagine, Patrick didn’t believe them.
The friends take the little man on a helicopter ride back to the Disney Studio—exactly how Walt traveled back and forth from Burbank—to see the Disneyland blueprints, drawings, and concept paintings (all based on actual Disneyland art). Patrick agrees to let them build the Park—as long as he can live there in a new house. Mickey offered to build him a house but Patrick refused, he wanted to find his own place out of sight and hidden away. Once Disneyland was almost complete, during the night Patrick moved into the secret spot he’d picked for his home.

Superhero Diva TIP:
 If you would like to find Patrick Begorra’s house, head over to Adventureland.

Look near this tree...

Look near this tree…

Yes, this is the house of Patrick Begorra

Yes, this is the house of Patrick Begorra

My family and I searched and was able to find Patrick’s house on our last trip to Disneyland, it was fun for us all.  Trying to look around at the bottom of so many trees where we thought his house might be was actually fun and started to become a bit of a competition between us, until we finally found it! We even brought the story book with us to make sure we snatched a picture of the tiny house with it’s story. (Also we enjoyed reading the story together again waiting in line before the main gates opened.)
So, next time you enter Disneyland, go and look for Patrick’s house hidden somewhere inside the park.  It’s a fun activity to do (especially with little kids).  Also it just adds more of the Disney-Story-Magic…and memories.

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