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By Senior Diva

My 28 year old son loves tea – any kind of tea – hot or cold, so whenever I visit Epcot with him, The Joy of Tea is a necessary stop. He also loves the beer flights at the Germany pavilion, but that’s a story for a different time and place!

The Joy of Tea has an outstanding selection of tea and tea-infused drinks. It is an easily overlooked spot since it is nothing more than a stand outside of the China pavilion just in front of the lagoon and blends in with nearby displays.
Tea here comes in all forms – hot, iced, spiked or slushed and it is the only location in Epcot that carries real brewed tea instead of pre-made tea beverages. Many of the beverages are offered in alcohol and alcohol-free versions. Even though The Joy of Tea focuses on beverages for adults, they also offer some child friendly options. Some of the teas are only offered hot, but the extremely friendly cast members that staff this location will gladly provide you a cup of ice to make your own iced version. The service has always been outstanding and friendly and they will also offer you a tasting sample of any drink (without the alcohol added) if you are unsure about ordering it.
I am not as adventurous as my son when it comes to tea but one of my favorites has become the Tipsy Ducks in Love, billed as a “Hong Kong Style Yuan Yang Drink. While I have no idea what that means, I know that the Tipsy Ducks in Love, available in both alcoholic and non-alcoholic versions, is something everyone should try. It is made with a creamy cold tea and coffee combination blended with chocolate and bourbon, with or without whipped cream and sells for $8.50. The non-alcoholic version is $5.50.
Although the menu is small, consisting mostly of beverages, there are a few snack items on the menu that are enough to be considered a light lunch. Many of the beverages, as well as a few of the snack items can be purchased using a snack credit from the Disney Dining Plan.
The menu consists of:
  • Sweetened Iced Teas: Peach Oolong and Mango Green (both $4.25 or one snack credit)
  • Hot Teas: Ginseng Oolong, Jasmine, Dragon Well, Green (all $3.19 or one snack credit)
  • Soft Drinks: Soda ($1.59 or one snack credit); Bottled Water ($2.50 or one snack credit)
  • Alcoholic Beverages: Mango Gingerita w/vodka and rum ($7.50); Canto Loopy w/vodka and cantaloupe juice ($7.50); Peach Snap w/Schnapps ($7.50); Green Tea Plum Slush w/plum wine ($7.50); Tsing Tao Beer and Tsing Tao Pure Draft Beer (both $5.75); Plum Wine ($4.99); Tipsy Ducks in Love ($850 or non-alcoholic $5.50)
  • Ice Cream: Strawberry Red Bean or Caramel Ginger (both $3.25 or one snack credit)
  • Snacks: Chinese BBQ Pork Buns ($4.50); Curry Chicken Pockets ($3.99 or one snack credit); Pork and Vegetable Egg Rolls ($3.99 or one snack credit)
  • The Lucky Combo for $9.98 which includes a Pork BBQ Pork Bun, a Curry Chicken Pocket and an Egg Roll with your choice of a soft drink and an ice cream.

Stop by The Joy of Tea on your next trip to Epcot – I’m sure you won’t be disappointed!

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