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By Kid @ Heart Disney Devo

Welcome new astronauts to the International Space Training Center to start your training for the first manned mission to Mars. You are one of four elite to be picked to train for the deep space mission that will happen in 2036. So hang on, buckle up, and go for launch!

As you enter Mission Space complex, they will ask if you want to be part of the Green Team or Orange Team. You will also be given a boarding pass. The green team is low intensity with no spinning of the shuttle, but it does pivot and rocks.  The orange team is very intense with spinning, higher g force, and more forceful rocking.  I recommend doing the green team first for youngsters and riders that are unsure of what to expect.  This is a thrill and dark ride, minimum height is 44 in, and thrill factor on orange team I give an 8.5.  Green a 5.0. It is one of those rides that every time I ride the Orange Team, on take off I yell ” Yeeeeeeeee HHHHaaaaawwwwww!!

Before you board will watch a video while standing in line. The video goes over safety procedures, positions you can be ( Navigator, Commander, Pilot, and Engineer), and there is a final pep talk from command central.  As the door opens follow the markings in the floor to your pod, enter, and sit in your seat. Be sure to secure your belongings, and pull the safety bar down over you. The final video will come on and then lift off.  The way the ride is designed, it really feels like you are in a ship taking off; it rocks, shakes, spins, and rumbles!

Devo TIP: If you are going to ride the intense version, do not ride it right after you eat!!

Mission Space is located at Epcot and sits between Test Track and Wonders of Life. Look for the big red planet with a swirling metal trim shooting toward the sky.

Release your imagination and enjoy the simulator, great for all eligible riders.  Remember don’t eat before riding, and have fun!!!

Enjoy your trip to Mars.

Big red planet and the swirling metal trim as seen above in my photo pass photo