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by Wishes Diva

Have you ever wondered what Disney’s Epcot Theme Park is all about? You are not alone! As a Diva, I get this question a lot! Well I am here to give you the ins and outs of Epcot with an alphabetized list! Hopefully it will answer that question, and then some!

ABC's of Epcot

From A to Z Wishes Diva covers Epcot! What to see and do!

A – American Adventure – This is one of 11 countries featured around Epcot’s World Showcase. Inside the main building you can find a theater that includes a short film highlighting the history of the United States, from The Mayflower, through the Great Depression. The show also includes 35 Audio-Animatronics figures as well!

B – Bruce’s Shark World – Located in Future World West, this is an interactive exhibit located in the same building as the Seas with Nemo and Friend’s attraction. You can test your fishy knowledge by answering questions from Mr. Ray, or climb inside Bruce’s mouth for a photo-op!

C – Coral Reefs – Also located inside the Seas with Nemo and Friends are several places to view these fabulous nature made beauties! Inside the building are several viewing aquariums big and small- that house coral reefs for your viewing pleasure!

D – Disney & Pixar Short Film Festival – Future World West is also home to the Magic Eye Theater where you can find this attraction! Inside you will experience your favorite Pixar shorts like never before – in 4D! The 18 minute film takes you through 3 of the shorts.

E – Electric Umbrella – This Quick Service dining location is very centrally located at Epcot, right off of the Future World plaza fountain area. Inside there is lots of seating and food choices such as hamburgers, chicken and french fries. View the entire menu here.

Frozen Ever After

Inside the queue line at Frozen Ever After

F – Frozen Ever After – This attraction is toward the back of the park in the Norway section of World Showcase. Join your favorite Frozen characters on the dark boat ride and re-live their enchanting story! This ride is good for all ages, but does have one drop toward the end. Read more about how I rode this ride on it’s opening day here!ABC's of Epcot

G – Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros – This is one of my favorite attractions in Epcot! It can be found inside the pyramid in the Mexico Pavilion. You will join José Carioca and Panchito in their search for the missing Donald Duck! This boat ride takes you through various different Mexican scenes as you attempt to find him before the big finale! This ride is a great choice for the whole family! Get more info about this attraction by reading this article.

H – House of Good Fortune – Stop by the China Pavilion at World Showcase to check out a wide assortment of authentic Chinese merchandise available for purchase. They have everything from teapots to hats and great gifts for the whole family! We love to walk through this shop every time we go- I feel like there is always something new to look at!

I – Innoventions – Inside this building located right off the fountain plaza behind Spaceship Earth, you can explore science and technology through a series of hands-on exhibits. Inside you can find the SpectacuLAB (a live show full of fun experiments) and Colortopia (an interactive exhibit where you can manipulate color courtesan of Glidden.). You can read more about the Colortopia exhibit by reading Dopey Diva’s article!

J – JAMMitors – This group of very talented janitors can be found performing at various times throughout the day in Future World. They entertain and perform using trash cans, pots, pans and other kitchen items as drums! They also throw some comedy in there too. Check your Times Guide when you enter the park to catch their show times!

K – Kidcot Fun Stops – One fun way to work your way through World Showcase is to collect stamps at each one of the Fun Stops. All 11 countries featured in the World Showcase have an area for younger kids to do fun crafts and activities. You will also be introduced to Duffy, Mickey’s teddy bear and traveling pal along the way! Read more about them from Pink Diva in her article!

L – Le Cellier Steakhouse – Located in Canada, this restaurant is a favorite table service stop for many Epcot world travelers. They offer a variety of foods on their menu from steak to seafood, along with other regional cuisines native to Canada. View the menu here. You can also hear about Pink Diva’s experience here!

ABC's of EpcotM – Meet and Greets – There are tons of fun characters to meet at Epcot. The list includes: Anna and Elsa, Alice in Wonderland, Baymax, Joy and Sadness, Belle, Mulan, Jasmine, Mary Poppins and of course the Fab Five (Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy and Pluto) as well. Be sure to pick up a times guide when you enter the park so you can see who is meeting at what locations. Or you can always check ahead of time of the My Disney Experience app or the Disney World website.

N – Nine Dragons Restaurant – This contemporary Chinese restaurant can be found in the China Pavilion in World Showcase. You can experience authentic Chinese food while being surrounded with beautiful wood carvings, decorative lanterns and fancy glass artwork. Take a look at the menu here.

O – O Canada! – Back sort of tucked away in the Canada Pavilion is this 14-minute Circle Vision film highlighting the sights and sounds of Canada. This video runs continuously throughout the day, so pop by for your chance to hear Martin Short be your guide!

P – Port of Entry – This shop is located right as you walk into World Showcase. I like to mention it because this is where you can often find specialty merchandise for the different events that happen at Epcot throughout the year. Fun souvenirs from events like the Flower and Garden Festival and the Food and Wine Festival can be found at this little shop!

Q – The Queen’s Table – This is one of the shops found in the U.K. section of the World Showcase. Inside you will find an assortment of teapots and tea bags fit for a queen!

R – Rose & Crown Pub – This table service restaurant is a popular one in World Showcase. It can be found in the U.K. section, across from the Sportman’s Shop. They serve a variety of traditional British favorites for lunch and dinner. You can take a peek at their menu by clicking here!

ABCs of Epcot

Manatee inside the aquariums at Nemo and Friends

S – Seas with Nemo and Friends – This is my favorite attraction experience at Epcot. Take a ride on a clam shell and search for Nemo! The amazing part of this ride is that the animation is superimposed directly on top of a live aquarium. If you’ve visited Animal Kingdom and saw the Finding Nemo Musical, you’ll even hear the theme song “Big Blue World” playing in the background! After you finish your shellfish ride, take some time to wander around and look at all the wildlife! There are manatees, dolphins, sea turtles and so much more! I always schedule plenty of time into my trip to spend here!

**Honorable mention: S- Soarin’ Around the World – I can’t not mention Soarin’ in this article! This incredible attractions takes you on a hang glider ride over amazing and breath-taking sights from around the World. Visit everywhere from the plains of Africa, to the Sydney Harbor. The views and technology on this ride are incredible! But don’t take just my word for it, check out Pink Diva’s take on the attraction here! It is a definite must visit (and must FastPass) attraction at Epcot! *Note: You must be 40″ tall to ride.

T – Test Track – This attraction is for the engineer in all of us! Throughout the queue you will have a chance to design your own vehicle to take through a series of simulated test including speed, handling and maneuverability. At the end of the ride, see how your vehicle design stacks up against other guest’s vehicles from earlier in the day! When deciding whether to ride, this attraction does have a 40″ height requirement, and can be quite the thrill for little ones. Be sure to check it out before hand! You can read more about it in Florida Diva’s article.

U – U.K. – You’ve heard me mention quite a bit about the U.K. area of World Showcase so it definitely had to make my list! One of my favorite things to do, is to grab a tray of fish & chips from the Yorkshire County Fish Shop, and head back into the courtyard to try and catch British Revolution!

V – Via Napoli – Be immersed in the world of Italy and experience authentic Italian cuisine at this Table Service restaurant. Located at the back of the Italy section of World Showcase, this is a favorite for many Italian-loving Disney fans! Check out their menu here to see if it fits what you’re looking for during your next trip!

ABC's of Epcot

View of Future World and parts of World Showcase

W – World Showcase – The entire back half of Epcot is all called World Showcase. This is where you can visit 11 different countries and truly be immersed in their culture and cuisine! You’ll definitely want to spend a good chunk of time walking through the shops and visiting the restaurants and food carts in this area. Read all about World Showcase in Devo CabDisney’s article here!

X – eXciting Festivals – Epcot is home to some amazing festivals throughout the year. They host the Flower and Garden Festival in the Spring, and the Food and Wine Festival in the fall. They also host an International Festival of the Arts! Be sure to check your dates against these great festivals so you don’t miss any of the extra magic happening around the park!

Y – Yorkshire County Fish Shop – As I stated in “U” above, this is my favorite place to grab a quick bite to eat in the World Showcase. Now I’m not someone who loves fish, but I would definitely say I am very fond of Yorkshire’s fish and chips! It is served in a paper boat for easy access if you want to grab it and go! Check out what else they have to offer by viewing their menu here!

Z – Zip up your space suit for two park favorites: Spaceship Earth and Mission: SPACE – These two space adventure attractions, while very different, are two must dos at Epcot! Spaceship Earth (also known as the “golf ball” ride) is the iconic picture of Epcot. Inside you’ll find a slow moving tram ride that takes you through the years starting in the Stone Age and ending in the Age of Technology! Watch the animatronics scenes take you through the evolution of language and communication and end at Project Tomorrow; an interactive area for all ages to explore deeper into the history of technology! Mission: SPACE is for the adventure seekers in your group! It offers two different levels of enjoyment. Green to play it safe, or Orange for a more intense experience. Each person in your group of 4 will be assigned a role to play as you blast off on a mission to outer space! Be sure to do your job or else you may crash! Read more about Spaceship Earth and Mission:SPACE by clicking these links!

As you can see, Epcot has a ton to offer for all ages! We always plan at least one full day if not more for Epcot when we visit so we don’t feel rushed around! Ready to plan your next trip to Epcot? Contract Patricia at All 4 Dreams Travel today to start planning!