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By: Disneylove Diva

240There are so many options for snacks all over Walt Disney World. From Turkey legs to popcorn, there are endless options. Over the last few years I find myself going back to these top 5 snacks: Popcorn, Cinnamon-Glazed Almonds, Mickey ice cream bar, frozen strawberry lemonade, and rice krispie treats. You will find out through this article which snack receives the number one spot in my favorite snacks. These snacks always leave my family and I happy. These are classic snacks at WDW, and can make even the pickiest eater happy.

Number 5 is the Mickey Ice Cream Bar. This is my Dad’s personal favorite snack at WDW. These can be found at almost all of the ice cream carts at each and every park. This is a great snack to cool off on a hot Summer’s day. This is even a good snack when its cold. This is also a great snack to eat while waiting for the Festival of Fantasy parade at the Magic 105Kingdom. I for one am not a chocolate eater, but my dad is, so I took his word for it and put it on my top 5 list. He eats it every time we go, so I think he really enjoys them.

Number 4 is the Rice Krispie treats- Especially the ones that are in the shape of a Mickey head. I am a huge fan of rice krispie treats and I make them quite frequently at home but they just taste better at WDW to me. I always purchase my rice krispie treats from the Main Street Bakery at the Magic Kingdom. I usually buy a few so I can snack on them at different parks during my trip. Rice krispie treats are a great snack at WDW.

Number 3 is the popcorn. Popcorn in a Disney themed tin just makes it taste better than usual. Whether you are waiting IMG_0256[1]for the parade or waiting for the night-time fireworks, popcorn is a wonderful snack to share with the entire family. During special times of the year, you can purchase special popcorn holders. Like the one shown. I purchased this Jack Skellington during Halloween time and I loved it, I even use it at home. Right now at WDW the available popcorn holders feature Big Hero 6 Baymax. These can be purchased all over Disney World. Also in Storybook Circus at the IMG_0258[1]Magic Kingdom you can purchase a holder that is shaped liked Dumbo. I absolutely love the popcorn at WDW. It’s the perfect mixture between buttery and salty and is perfect for everyone.

Number 2 is the cinnamon glazed almonds. These are a major favorite for my family, especially with my mom. She will literally make herself sick eating these. These almonds can be a little difficult to find at WDW. The best place that I have purchased them from is at the Magic Kingdom next to the Jungle Cruise attraction on a food cart. They do sell them at all of the parks but I have only found them at the Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom. I personally am very picky about what almonds I eat but I really enjoy these. They are partly healthy as well. Another great snack at WDW.

Finally, my Number 1 snack at WDW is the Frozen Strawberry Lemonade cups. I could die for these cups. They are found at all of the parks at WDW. I LOVE the frozen strawberry lemonades. They are perfect for cooling off at the parks or to soothe my throat after riding a rollercoaster. I can only buy so many at one time because they melt pretty easily, but it is still worth it.

I hope this list of my top 5 snacks can help you decided which snacks are best for you and your family. As always remember to have fun and Disney on.