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Author: Disney Diva
More reading to keep your mind of Hurricane Sandy!!

imageYou already know that there are some things that I just wouldn’t be caught dead at WDW or Disneyland without, but there’s one I left out of my list…A BRIGHTLY COLORED RIBBON.
What’s so special about it Diva? Ok, ok I’ll tell you, no need to twist my arm. A brightly colored ribbon is one of the best time-saving devices known to Disney parks. Here are two ways that a brightly colored ribbon can save you a TON of time on your next trip.

1. Tie it to the handle of your stroller. I am convinced that some cast members get a huge laugh out or rearranging “stroller parking lots”. I mean, yeah, its part of their job too, but it looks sooooo different every time, you know they have to be standing around, and maybe  betting, on the degree of freak out guests will have when they come out and say “Where the heck is my stroller?” In a sea of strollers, many of which are Disney strollers that all look exactly a like, a brightly colored orange, hot pink, or lime green ribbon can be your saving Grace! It will make your stroller far easier to identify and get you out and on your way much faster!

2. Tie it to the antenna or windshield wiper of your car. For those of you driving, and especially for those of you staying off property, you need to have a way to mark your car amongst those bazillions in the car parking lot. This is even more important if it’s a rental car because sometimes it is hard to remember what your rental looks like. Having a brightly colored ribbon will help you identify yours quicker and get you back to your resort to rest with minimal drama.

3. Tie it to the handle of your luggage to identify it easily.  What? You can’t pick YOUR black luggage out from the other thousands of black luggage items on the air baggage carousel?!?! Well let me just help you, tie a brightly colored ribbon to it!

So next time you’re shopping for your upcoming Disney trip don’t forget the value of a brightly colored ribbon! It is a MUST PACK!!!