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In April 2013, the Market House closed to make way to transform into a new Starbucks location and the first Starbucks ever inside Disneyland Park.
The Market House was an 1955 opening day original that had several elements that made it unique in Disneyland. The interior had a special old world sense of charm with a number of antique or interactive items, including checkerboards you could play on, an authentic awesome looking cast iron stove in the very center, and (some may think the best of all) old-fashioned party-lib telephones that you could just pick up and listen on a slightly comical pre-recorded conversation.  Another thing is the special merchandise you could find there…it was a coffee lovers dream.  With a wide range of coffee themed souvenirs (and not just the hundreds of different kinds of mugs) and also kitchen accessories.

I3E5n60EPHaQWXBh90iHGZ5hJUr_z2mk3yE_KfotEL0,sOJhRCHkTj0eMRWBeO1hWLqS5jqFqSrRLWzGrwbjHe0,NoCFbq2-hCaoefxOZSHJDAUp4uD7mHqnhQ3mknKqw_kThe new Starbucks, occupying the same space on Main Street where Market House previously was, opened in September 2013.  When I first walked into the new Starbucks I didn’t recognize the inside of the old Market House building…even my husband walked outside thinking we went into the wrong place on Main Street.
The interior is much different, you walk into a big open space with a large queue right in the middle of the whole place. There is no seating in the main section of the Starbucks, you have to walk to the back right corner where they have some tables and chairs set up in a mock like library/study area. First thing I did was look for the famous cast iron stove…did they get rid of it?!  I am happy to report my fellow D’Land fans that the stove is indeed there, but you have to look for it or it can be easily missed tucked away in a corner…but it’s there 🙂
vsohd0L03KHkq7AbddhypHoV1wKgz0TLqywGgZbPyvA,PE76xebPWac34-RDhIXCQ25gjFJj0aVSOhdRw95tst4I was happy to also find the checkerboard and the party line phone is on the wall all by itself…no one used the phone while I was inside that morning (and I was there for 35 minutes).
NJEPyZiM07mwAs60PDdDAfQdmZmQd2ike2HSvN9T3jE,dOUhCATY8kvS2ZKw8qRp-UcZZH1H_TFl5ciH7tN-DVoI for one totally enjoy a cup of coffee, and it works out even better because Starbucks is my most favorite place. I do wish Disney Imagineers could have kept some of the special charm the old Market House had, but oh well, what’s done is done.
However, on a more positive note, we now have an opportunity in this space to purchase small snacks, breakfast and other food items (basically the same menu offered at most Starbucks stores) in addition to coffees/teas, even the kiddos have menu items they can enjoy too.
Plus what is a Starbucks inside Disneyland without a little Disney flare…
nrab9--q6OcNFqfg-O6ayQ21qnApm2z13a-IAna14_s,76GBHvbFBopK0tMPMGQm3ltoxl0tpgY5fz0aRWzF-Po,fB4jpx0rksSR-wWTt1rXisTjIEEe8bcIzumoHYRySzgThis particular Starbucks does not offer wi-fi.  You can also pay with your Starbucks card and earn Starbucks Rewards Stars with you purchases, however, you are not allowed to redeem rewards/free drinks at this store.

So there you have it, a little history with your morning coffee and Disney all in one.  I for one will most likely continue to swing by the Starbucks on Main Street to grab my non-fat mocha after walking through the main gates or before the fireworks, to make my Disneyland trip even more fun for me.  Sometimes it’s just the little things like that, that can add up to a great time…and who can resist Disney on a Starbucks cup…IMG_1563