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By D’land Diva

This somewhat hidden gem of a quick service restaurant is on the corner towards the end of Main Street, right before the Jolly Holiday Bakery. Many times throughout the day, guests will be treated to ragtime music courtesy of talented piano players that play in the courtyard.

Diva Tip: The piano players often will take requests, so don’t be afraid to ask to hear YOUR favorite Disney song! 

The menu at Refreshment Corner, which is sponsored by Coca-Cola, is fairly simple. It is also extremely budget friendly and kid friendly. The star here is hot dogs. A hot dog with a side of apple slices or chips is $7. Yes, $7 for a meal! If you add soda, the price becomes $10, which is still a good deal by Disneyland dining standards. Just a reminder, however, that a cup of water is free!

The hot dogs are also available in a chili-cheese version (add less than $1) and a mac and cheese version (a little over $7). If you are looking for something other than a hot dog, chili with cheese in a delicious sourdough bread bowl is also available for around $9.

The hot dogs are quite tasty, and filling. Add chips and a drink, and you are set for a small meal. A kids meal is also available, with a turkey dog and apples and carrots with a drink for $6.50. Kids meals are decent sized folks! The famous Kids Power Pack can also be found on this menu, which is a terrific kids meal item. The Kids Power Pack includes: yogurt, apples, carrots, a small banana and whole grain fish crackers. This is perfect for those little picky eaters!

If you are in the mood for a snack, Refreshment Corner offers Mickey Pretzels and Cream Cheese Filled Mickey Pretzels for under $4. Also available is the delicious jalapeno cheese filled pretzel- yummy! Cheese cups can be ordered on the side for a little less than $1. A large bag of chips can be purchased for $3.

As far as drinks, coffee, tea, milk and hot cocoa can be found here. The REAL treat are the soft drinks, which can be enhanced with cherry, vanilla or raspberry syrup. A REAL VANILLA COKE or a REAL CHERRY COKE! Regular drinks are around $3 with an extra $1 for the syrup and large drinks are $3.50.

At the counter, there is usually a selection of bakery desserts like cookies and rice krispy treats.

Stop by Refreshment Corner on your next trip and enjoy a hot dog while listening to some tunes!

Diva Tip: At around 3.30 in the afternoons, Alice in Wonderland and the Mad Hatter stop by to play musical chairs with the kids. This is a great experience for the little ones!