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By British Diva


Is there a Doctor in the house? 

Why yes!


“The Doc Is In”

When Dottie McStuffins puts on her magical stethoscope medical miracles of the stuffed toy variety begin to happen!

Doc McStuffins is the fantastic new TV series for pre-schooler’s now airing on the Disney Junior Channel featuring a little girl named Dottie who aspires to be a Doctor when she grows up; just like her Mummy (Mommy).  

Doc McStuffins has many medical adventures curing sick toys and along the way offering health and well being advice to all.  Doc, as she’s nicknamed is aided by her magical stethoscope and several of her beloved stuffed animal friends….Chilly, Hallie, Lambie and Stuffy. 

“The Doc Is In” is stuffed full of short and a snappy meaningful melodies.  

Bring on the H20…..

One of my favourite tracks is ‘Water Water’ with liquid lyrics like ‘2 – 4 – 6 – 8 everybody hydrate!‘ Isn’t that music to your ears?!

This CD would make the perfect teaching aid for parents, caregivers and early years education settings alike; dispensing important health education to small children in accessible, short and catchy soundbites.  

60 seconds….& gone!  All of the 26 tracks are under one minute long……

If your family is planning a trip to Walt Disney World or Disneyland you can catch Doc McStuffins performing at the Hollywood Studios in Disney Junior Live on Stage

For Fun & laughter is surely the best medicine for us all?! 

Purchase the Doc McStuffins CD HERE

This diagnosis was reached independently.