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By British Diva


For anyone who doesn’t yet know, Princess Sofia is the newest, littlest and in my opinion just the cutest member of Disney Royalty.  


Princess Sofia the First swished into our screens on the Disney Junior Channel during January 2013, since then it’s become the number 1 children’s TV show in the USA for tots aged between 2 -5 years.

This adorable little lady has been attending the Royal Preparatory Academy and has been learning that the true art of being a Princess is being beautiful from within. 

This 13 track CD contains lots of bouncy, happy music fit for any Princess.  

The title music ‘Sofia the First’ just perfectly embodies the ethos of Sofia’s story; it is quite short – I would have loved to have enjoyed it for just a little longer!

Many of the melodies reminded me greatly of Disney’s movie ‘Enchanted’ 

Every CD needs it’s dastardly doer of evil styli track & it’s amply provided here by Cedric the Great!  Think of Aladdin’s Jafar or Lion King’s Scar and you’ll be on the right lines.  

Like bunnies?  Like rap music?  Then you’re going to jump for joy when you hear Clover sing ‘Blue Ribbon Bunny’.  Check it out; he’s no common hare! 

Out of the whole CD I believe that most little Princesses will delight in ‘The Goldenwing Circus’ and Sofia’s super sweet duet ‘True Sisters’ with Cinderella.  Both these songs are truly delightful and remind me of dazzling Disney movies and pixie dusted parades.  
If your family is planning a trip to Walt Disney WorldDisneyland or Disneyland Paris you can have your own royal visit also known as a meet & greet with Princess Sofia at the Hollywood Studios

You can catch all your Disney Junior Channel favourites performing in Disney Junior Live on Stage at the Hollywood Studios
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These opinions aren’t by Royal appointment they are indeed entirely my own.