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Author: Kid @ Heart Disney DivoYou want a really cool and awesome place to eat lunch or dinner when you are making your dining reservations for your Disney World vacation?  Then plan a day at Hollywood Studios, and make reservations at the Sci-Fi Dine-in Theater on Commissary Lane.This restaurant has an incredible atmosphere! The restaurant gives  you a fun dining experience,  from eating from inside mini replica 50’s style convertible cars to watching a B title Sci-Fi movie under the stars.

The Sci-Fi Dine-in Theater is located in the Back Lot section of the back side of  American Idol Experience, right next store to the ABC Commissary.  Outside of the entrance is a simulated car similar to what you will be sitting in while you are enjoying your meal. On the wall is a 50’s style movie poster.

When you walk into the entrance it is very dim lit, and a friendly cast member behind a ticket booth checks you in.  Just behind them is the tall wooden braced wall that holds the movie screen on the other side.  When you are escorted to your car, you walk down a hallway to the side entrance toward the back of the dine in.  As you walk in Disney did a great job of creating a 50’s style drive in. It is very dark like it should be, has a star lit ceiling to resemble a sky, a snack bar at the back of the restaurant ( which is where the kitchen is ), and scenic walls to imitate surrounding terrain. Your table is inside the car and is very comfortable and roomy! They even went so far as to put the speakers normally used to attach to the car in the 1950’s on a pole near the car. It is an  awesome feel that takes you to a relaxing moment as if you were at a drive in.

Star lit skies help illuminate the room to really give you the feeling you are under the stars. There is a
“snack bar” to the left (which is really the kitchen) and above the sign is the projector room. The back walls are covered with up and coming film posters.

The menu offers a good variety of food.

Appetizers: buffalo potato skins, onion rings, wings.

Main Coarse: steak , burgers , chicken dishes , shrimp pasta , ribs , veggie burger , the Reuben , whole grain pasta , they also offer soup and salad

 Desserts: peanut butter and chocolate cake with ice cream, hot fudge sundae , apple crumb cake, fresh fruit salad , and red velvet cheese cake.

Beverages  the have non-alcoholic coke products and alcoholic drinks. Their cherry coke is out of this world.

The cars offer 4 passenger, 6 passenger , and picnic tables with umbrellas in the back for stand by movie dining goers that did not make reservations.  There are extended cars for larger groups. The cars are quite comfortable and the counter gives you plenty of room for your plate.

The cut scenes bring back memories, especially during the intermission in between the movies.  Most of the intermission shots were from the fifties, but growing up in the 70’s and 80’s I still remember them being used.

One of the favorite menu items are the milk shakes. My favorite menu items are the peanut butter and chocolate cake with ice cream, and their cherry coke.

Disney Dining Plan is accepted (table service)
Meals range:  $15-36 per person
Reservations are recommended
Restaurant  is child friendly

Enjoy your dinner and movie!