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Author: Diva Meesh

The Sci Fi Dine In Theater is definitely a restaurant and Disney Experience that should not be missed!

It is located on the Backlot at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. You walk into an “outdoor movie theater” and into the ’50s with classic B movie trailers playing on a loop on the big screen. Your seats are ’50s style convertibles and you face a giant “outdoor” drive in screen and get to watch classics from the ’50s and ’60s. You are sitting indoors but under a blanket of stars… it is a very fun experience!

This is very much a family friendly dining experience and is considered a unique and special dining experience at Disney, but you can get a little crowded in the cars.

The lunch and dinner menus provide a variety of food choices from burgers to pastas and sandwiches. There is a large array of desserts and adult beverages {but in true Disney style, I still have the light up ice cube from my meal there!}

I thought that the food was very typical and simple fare, hamburgers and milkshakes. However the experience and atmosphere make this restaurant a must eat!! It can get busy so you may have wait.

Child friendly.

Accepts Disney Dining Plan.

Price $15-$36 per person.

Dive in to dine in experience! Happy Eating!!
Diva Meesh