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Author: Disney Diva

Have you flown lately? Airline baggage fees have become outrageous! You could drop anywhere between $15 to $70 (for oversize bags) PER bag.

At Walt Disney World, there are a lot of supplies that you honestly need to bring with you in order to save a lot of money in the parks. My Perfectly Packed WDW Packing List for 7 days could end up costing you quite a lot in baggage fees.

And what is the majority of weight in suitcases? CLOTHES!!

Did you know that all resorts on Disney property have their own laundry facilities? For approximately $4.00 (in quarters) you can wash and dry a load of laundry. So if you’re at Disney for 7 days and only bring three days worth of clothing for a family of four to wash, you might only have to spend $8.00… and assuming that the dryer just doesn’t dry like it should (hey it’s possible), you might only have to spring for another $4.00. You’ll need some laundry soap too, which is only $1.00 a box (and you could bring it with you easily).

Grand total to do two full loads of laundry, including double drying? I’d say about $16.00.
You could easily spend $50.00 EACH WAY in baggage fees. Which means doing laundry would save you about $84.00!!! I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather book another Character meal with that money than give it to the airlines.

You will need to plan some time to actually do the laundry on your trip, so make sure you put that into your schedule for the week!