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By:  Tangled Diva

I have met Rapunzel on two separate occasions–both of which were at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Parties–and Flynn twice.  I have a little boy, so we typically don’t do the whole princess thing.  But, I, of course, had to at least meet Rapunzel and Flynn at least once.

The first time I met Rapunzel and Flynn was in 2013 at the Halloween Party in Princess Fairytale Hall.  I made it a point to meet go then because I knew that the Halloween Party was one of the few times the princes were with the princesses.  And, I HAD to meet Flynn Rider!  He definitely met and exceeded all of my expectations too.  He, in all his smoldering glory, was absolutely magnificient.  I talked to both of them for quite a while.  We talked about Halloween, my costume, Pascal and all the trouble he was getting into and much more.  I am always impressed when meeting the characters at their knowledge of all things Disney (not just their own movies) and the time they spent with each guest.  Unfortunately, because I didn’t force my husband and son to go with me, I don’t have a picture from this visit 🙁

The second (and best) time I met Flynn was at the Princess Half Marathon.  On the way from EPCOT to Magic Kingdom, I saw him with the other princes and heroes but didn’t want to stand in line.  So, I angled my phone just right to get the perfect selfie.  And, the best part, Flynn saw what I was doing and pointed to me in the picture.  By far my favorite Disney picture ever!!!

Rapunzel 4

On the way back to EPCOT, I had a second chance to see Flynn.  This time the line was not near as long, so I decided it was worth the wait.  Since I was dressed as Rapunzel (frying pan and all), the other princes and heroes recognized that Flynn was the only one I really cared about, so they kind of back away, which made them very easy to crop out of my new profile picture.  They all joked with me about only caring about Flynn, and Flynn asked me if I’d had to use the frying pan on any ruffians along the course.  Because it is during a race, they tend to keep these visits short (but still very personal).

Rapunzel 5

The next time I met Rapunzel and was hoping to meet Flynn was at another Halloween Party.  However, since the princes are no longer at the Halloween party, I was only able to meet Blondie.  This was my favorite meeting with her, though.  I was dressed as another Disney Princess – Leia.  Rapunzel and I spent a long time discussing my hairdo.  She said she would love to do her hair like that, but we both decided she probably wouldn’t fit through the door with the Leia-classic cinnabun ‘do.

Rapunzel 3 Rapunzel 2

After Rapunzel and before I returned to a galazy far, far away, I was also able to meet Cinderella for a bit.  But, the best part was as I was leaving.  A father was in line with his family for his daughter to see Cinderella.  When he spotted me, he freaked out!  Immediately he threw his wife the camera and asked for a picture with “the real Disney princess”–me.  He even had the Disney photographer snap one for him.  He was so excited to meet Princess Leia.  It was absolutely hilarious, and definitely made my night.  This was one of about five times my husband (dressed as Darth Vadar) and I had to stop for pictures that night.  (TIP:  You MUST dress up for Mickey’s Not So Scary  Halloween Party.  While not a requirement, it makes it so much more fun).

Just remember the characters (as well as all of Disney) is not just for kids.  My son has never really been into the characters, but that has never stopped me from venturing out on my own and meeting some of my favorites.  Who are some of your favorite characters?  I would love to hear your stories and see your pictures too!