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By D’land Diva

The subject of restrooms at a theme park may make some people cringe, but I assure you, it is essential. You are going to have to go while at Disneyland, and if you are pregnant this may be quite frequently. If you have kids, you may need to find a restroom quickly. Some restrooms are more popular than others, and may have long lines or may not be as fresh and clean as others.

I have compiled a list for you of my top five restrooms.. What makes these the top five restrooms? In general, these restrooms have location, cleanliness, availability of stalls and most importantly- lack of lines.

1) The Restrooms Right Outside the Main Gate

These restrooms are conveniently located close to the main gate. There are a fair amount of stalls, and it is always kept really clean. What makes these restrooms extra special is that the mirror in the women’s restroom is located away from the sinks. This makes for a less crowded experience and allows those who need to use the mirror more time to spend there.

2) The Tiki Room Restrooms

Shhhhh. Not too many folks know that there are restrooms inside the waiting area for the Tiki Room. While not having a large amount of stalls, these restrooms are clean and not frequented. The location is super convenient to the Tiki Room and did I mention it was near the Dole Whip stand?

3) Big Thunder Ranch Restrooms

Again, these restrooms are kind of hidden from the public, located on the backside of the stage in the Big Thunder Ranch area. There are not too many stalls, but these restrooms are spacious and very clean. They are never very crowded.

4) Hungry Bear Restaurant Restrooms

The mama of all restrooms at Disneyland is on the bottom floor of the Hungry Bear Restaurant. These are my favorite restrooms in the park for many reasons. There are a ton of stalls, a ton of sinks, two diaper changing stations that are in the back (I really detest changing my babies out in the open where everyone is watching us like a show) and in Winter months the sink water is often HEATED. Washing your hands with warm water is a wonderful treat in the colder months, and by the way, the bathroom is also heated and air conditioned. Best of all, your family can hang out and watch the ducks swimming in the Rivers of America while they wait for you.

5) The Alien Restrooms

It’s a nickname, but these Tomorrowland restrooms are located between Autopia and the Innoventions building. They are set way way in the back, behind a merchandise stand, and they are fabulous. These restrooms have a lot of stalls and are not very crowded. They are clean, too!

Please note that most restrooms at Disneyland have companion stalls. Those restrooms that don’t have signage that will let you know where you can go. Also of note is that all restrooms have at least one baby changing station and many now have safe boxes for needle disposal (important if you have to use needles to test or treat yourself such as with Diabetes).

So there you have it! My vote for the best restrooms at Disneyland. If you can get there, these are definitely the best restrooms to use. If you can’t get there, my advice is to try and avoid the restrooms on Main Street next to City Hall (crowded, cluttered and because of the constant stream of people it can be messy) and the New Orleans Square Restrooms or Adventureland Restrooms (they can be crowded and smelly).