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The Biergarten –

 where it’s Oktoberfest ALL day, EVERY day!! 

St George slays the dragon! 
By: British Diva

It goes without saying that you will find The Biergarten within the Germany Pavilion at EPCOT.

This restaurant is situated within the pretty Bavarian styled court yard which has placed at it’s centre a statue of no other than the patron Saint of England!  I had no idea that ‘our’ St George was also venerated in Germany, or is indeed the Patron Saint of all Soldiers.

When you set foot into The Biergarten; which translates as ‘Beer Garden’, those clever Disney inmagineers give you the feeling that you’re outside once again. The most welcoming of Cast Members are quaintly dressed in their countries customary German dirndl; and as if by magic upon entering – you are transported to a picturesque village in Deutschland and made a guest at their Oktoberfest celebrations. 

The table seating arrangements I think; are almost theatre-like giving every diner an ample view of the ‘village square’ where ‘Oktoberfest Musikaten’ the resident oompah band periodically entertain diners with their lively traditional Bavarian folk music.  The band play a wonderful version of ‘The Birdie Song’ – which has to be heard to be believed!  Even if you haven’t come dressed in your finest lederhosen you will be encouraged to join in the festivities on the dance floor! 

The long refectory style communal tables are ideally suited to large parties, although at busy times smaller groups may be invited to sit together.  For me, it’s always a case of ‘the more, the merrier!’, and after all; strangers are only friends that you haven’t made yet!  

Lunch is served from 12 noon til 3pm, moving to dinner from 4pm until park closure .  Both mealtimes are of the gut busting, all you can eat buffet style; and of course heavily feature German cuisine!  You can stuff yourself silly on German sausages, schnitzel, the many various potato salad dishes and my favourite; the delicious braised red cabbage. Make sure you leave a little room for the quite heavenly dessert of apple strudel served with vanilla sauce!

No self respecting German would attend an Oktoberfest that didn’t serve any beer…..and thankfully there’s plenty of brew here at The Biergarten!

There are five beers to tickle your fancy and I can recommend the Altenmunster Oktoberfest as a good all round beverage.

If wine is usually your friend at dinner there is a nice selection of both German & Austrian wines to choose from.  Need a shot?  Traditional shots of Schnapps & Jagermeister are also on sale to the more hardly of souls. 

A good phrase to remember – “Ein Bier, bitte” which means “One beer, please”