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by JollyFrogger Diva

Hi! My name is JollyFrogger Diva and I have a serious addiction to things that make my home smell good. I have a couple of shoe boxes worth of wax tarts, a plastic tub of essential oils for my diffuser, and more candles than I care to admit. Needless to say, when I heard about candles that smelled like my favorite things at Walt Disney World, I was more than eager to check them out.

The Lemons Sisters offer several enticing scents such as Pineapple Whip, Main Street Popcorn, and Rome is Burning. I was most interested in Soaring, which says it smells like an orange grove. I was also excited to try Churros, as is it’s one of my favorite snacks at Walt Disney World.

The Lemons Sisters make their candles from a blended paraffin wax and they come in a clear mason jar with the label on the lid. When I first took the package off my front door, I was afraid my postman had ignored the “fragile” warning on the box because it was making a suspicious tinkling noise as I walked. Luckily, however, the candles were safely nestled in protective wrap and the noise I heard was only the sound of a lid that had come off.

One of the first things I noticed when I opened the jars was that that had 2 wicks. I love candles with double wicks, as they burn much more evenly in my opinion, and I don’t feel like any wax is wasted on the sides of the container.

candles - 5

The next thing I noticed was the incredible smell. The Soaring candle really did smell juicy and delicious, much like a creamsicle… The Churros candle smelled like pastry, butter, and deliciousness- all the deliciousness of a churro without all the calories! The day I received my candles, I had company coming over and decided to test one out when I would have several people to give me feedback. I chose to burn Soaring in my kitchen, since orange wouldn’t clash with whatever food might be prepared that night.

candles - 1

It didn’t take very long at all for the delicious smell of oranges to drift into kitchen and surrounding rooms.  In fact, pretty soon the entire level of my home smelled absolutely wonderful. My guests all commented on how good the candle smelled as well. Throughout the course of the evening, the candle eventually got moved into the den so we could have more counter space for cooking, but even then the smell continued to permeate the entire ground level. It’s one thing for a candle to smell great in the jar, but when they smell as great once burning that’s the most important component of a great candle. I ended up burning the candle for almost 6 hours that first night, and the next day the wax level didn’t look like it had gone down at all. According to their website, each candle burns approximately 120 hrs, and I absolutely believe it.


The Churros candle went upstairs to be tested where it wouldn’t interfere with the scent from the Soaring candle. I placed it in our bedroom to enjoy while unwinding with a good book at the end of the day. Once again, I was pleased with the high quality scent- the whole room quickly filled with fragrance and smelled absolutely delicious. This candle also burned very evenly and both candles leave the room smelling great even when you aren’t actively burning them if you leave the lids off.

candles - 2

Overall, I am extremely pleased with the quality and scent of the Soaring and Churro candles from the Lemons Sisters. I burn one (or both) of them almost every night when I get home. I cannot wait to try all the other scents, as I have no doubt they’ll be just as amazing.

Wondering how you can get one of these awesome candles… for FREE? The Lemons Sisters have graciously donated one candle to one lucky reader! All you have to do is enter the contest below! And remember, you get extra entries for liking and following our sponsors! Please like each of the Facebook pages for each entry to count. And if you don’t win the contest (or  if you can’t narrow it down to one scent to choose) the Lemons Sisters are also providing a special discount code for the month of May: If you type in the code DISNEYDIVA you will earn $2 off! How great is that? And for more fun from the Lemons Sisters, check out their website, Facebook, Youtube, and Etsy pages! We hope you enjoy!

***Disclaimer: I received these candles for free in exchange for my review, and our site was given one for a giveaway. Although we received free products, the opinions in the article are 100% unbiased and my own. ***


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