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Author: Disney Diva

So, you’re planning a birthday party and you want it to just be AWESOME! Well, I’ve got some ideas for you I hope you will love. We are big fans of fairies in our house. My daughter was turning 6 and I really wanted to make her birthday super special. So I’ll break down some of what I did:

The first thing I did was pin up some old sheer curtains that we had laying around. This was to  make the room seem more comfy. If you were doing a smaller party you could really put them all up close, but we had almost 17 tiny fairies come to our party so we had to widen out a bit.

I  then got tulle from the craft store in hot pink, green, blue, purple, and light pink. This was a great cheap decoration and I used it to wrap the chairs and make these cascading bits of color. It was almost like a little rainbow in different parts of the room. I then pinned in tiny butterflies and flowers, also found at the craft store so that they almost seemed to be floating in mid air.

I hung up a set of three paper lanterns in hot pink from the ceiling with thumb tacks and also a set of three green “paper flowers”. I really liked those and found them at Hobby Lobby if you have one close.

Another cool find was some glass sprays I found at Hobby Lobby in the flower section that, when put together, looks just like Tinker Bell’s “moonstone scepter” after it was completed in Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure. I filled a glass vase with acorns to keep things looking natural. The rest of the table was completed with moss vase filler, small flowers, and electric lights (so nobody would get burned).

We hung a small toy of each of the fairies using thin craft wire from the chandelier to make them look like they were flying. I found those at TJ Maxx and they became a Birthday present after the party.

 The Table
I found green plastic table cloths inexpensively at Party City and also found that the Tinkerbell Plates from party city were cheaper than any I could find online. Even with free shipping.

I wrapped up some napkins and lime green utensils (which they didn’t need I realized after the fact!) and tied them with a little pink ribbon and their names on the little tags that came with the printable gift boxes (more below).

I’m particularly proud of these little glasses. First I bought some mason jars at the grocery store. I also found some A-DORABLE flower shaped cupcake papers at Wal-Mart. I unscrewed the top of the mason jar (just the part that screws) and left the other part on. Then I covered the top with a cupcake paper.  Then I took a nail and sterilized it, then used a hammer and hammered a hole large enough to fit a straw though. Next I used a free printable vintage design online to put each fairy’s names in and Avery mailing labels. You can then go online to, pick your label size, and design each of your labels with your Fairies name on it. Helps them from cross contaminating since they’re all germ little kids. lol Everybody raved about these and they took them home with them. The downside, the words will run as the drink sweats.

I started off my food stuff by looking at Pinterest and grabbed all kinds of fun ideas for foods. You can see my entire board of ideas HERE.

After deciding what I wanted to make I ordered some of these custom printable tent-cards from Opal and Me you can see them at Now, you could design some similar to these if you wanted, but I REALLY love ALL of Opal and Me’s designs. (You’ll see some more of her stuff a little further down). I’m also a FIRM believer that you should support people’s brilliance and not just grab it and make it yourself. So I really believe you should ALWAYS pay for designs and not just steal them off of google images.

What did I make? Well you can follow these links to all the awesome recipes. (you’ll have to have a pinterest account to see them I think)

Awesome Acorns: See photo above – mini vanilla wafers, nutella for “glue”, and hershey’s kisses.

Rainbow’s on a Stick Wooden skewers – strawberries, cantaloupe, pineapple, green grape, blueberries, purple grapes

Bird’s Eggs & Nests – Just yogurt covered raisins. I put them in the leftover crumbs from my “nests” . The Nifty Nests were just “haystacks”. Chinese noodles mixed together with melted butterscotch morsels.

Lovely Ladybugs – Apples cut in half and chocolate frosting.

Mellow Mushrooms – These were merange cookies and a marshmallow with red dots of frosting. I just used a toothpick to connect the two.

Beautiful Butterflies – toothpicks, purple grapes, oranges

We had cupcakes for “cake”. I just bought some cute cupcakes at the local grocery store, but the real treat came from the wings! I purchased these beautiful printable fairy wings from Opal and Mae on etsy.  They were a beautiful addition. It did take a while to cut them out, tie on the bows, and tape them on the candy sticks, but they turned out magnificently.

I also had some pretzel sticks (twigs) and some goldfish and some peanut  butter and jelly sandwiches since it was lunchtime.


I wanted to make sure none of the little fairies went upstairs to my daughters room and wrecked it so we made a large mushroom and sign saying “Gnome and Troll Woods. Fairies Keep Out”. It did keep them out by the way!

First we started off with games. We played Tinker Bell Says (like Simon Says), and we did Fairy Stories (where one person starts the story and then the next person picks it up and the story changes along the way. We also played a game of telephone and freeze dance.

The highlight of the time though came when my dad came and played his guitar and the kids sang along. They loved it. If you have anybody who can play or you’re just willing to sing some silly songs with it they will LOVE. My dad played “camp-style songs” like   Fried ham and Agalina Magalina, as well as oldies like Wild Thing. They all sang and danced and had a great time.
My mother also did some face painting. She actually didn’t know she could do it this well till she sat down and started trying. The girls all LOVED it, but it was VERY time consuming.
I love pictures, but never remember to take any during a party because I always am busy running the darn thing. So I paid a local high school student who I knew was a good photographer $25/hr to come and “shoot” the party with the understanding all the photos belonged to me after. She did a great job and one of the highlights of the party was the girls getting their photos made outside like little sprites!
We sent copies of the pictures to the parents with the thank you cards. They all LOVED them.

I had two different party favors because I just couldn’t decide which I liked best.
The first were little glass jars I found at Hobby Lobby when they were half off. I then made little “aged paper” on cardstock and wrote “All you need is FAITH and TRUST and a little bit of PIXIE DUST” and filled the jars with glitter. I backed the cardstock with some glittery scrapbook paper I found at Hobby Lobby in pink and green.

I also bought these printable boxes from Etsy from the designer at her Etsy store. The printable is only 3.99 and you can print as many as you want. They were a bit of a pain to put together but the effect was overwhelming. I put a little pearl brad I got from the scrapbook section and some ribbon around the waist to add a little more and a little mardi-gras style necklace, and tiny fingernail polish inside.

People RAVED and it was one of the best parties I’ve ever thrown. I think it went off well and you’re WELCOME to use these ideas and please consider buying these printables from these awesome designers.

Need a couple of great gift ideas? Try the Disney Fairies Storybook Collection, the Disney Fairies: Meet the Fairies or this great Fairies figurine playset.
Have a great party!!