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 By Tangled Diva

On our last trip to Disney World, I was finally able to meet a character that I have longed to meet but never been able to catch–Push.  I had seen him from a distance once before but was not able to get to him.  Last September, I finally got to “meet” him, and it was definitely worth the wait.  His quick wit, patience with children, and robotic voice quickly made him my favorite character of the trip.

Push 2

Let me say that I am very easily embarrassed and don’t like being pulled into shows, so I stood towards the back to watch Push interact with the people.  I watched his unwavering patience as multiple children would run up to poke him, push his lid, and even put trash inside him.  He took time to joke and interact with each one of them as he subtly made his way to others in the crowd.

My favorite thing was that he had an assistant with him, and picked a lady in a wheelchair out of the crowd to race.  He had his assistant bring the lady along side him so he could ask her if she would like to race.  She, of course, agreed–nobody can resist Push.  Ready.  Set.  Go.  And, they were off on a race across Tomorrowland.  It was a close race, but the lady in the wheelchair pulled out the win in the end.  Push, ever the gentleman, took the loss like a champ and congratulated her on the victory.

Like I mentioned earlier, I am easily embarrassed.  Thus, I was in the back of the crowd.  I thought that certainly with all the children around to interact with, I would be safe.  Wrong!  As I stood there fanning myself to keep cool, Push wheeled right past three children and straight to me.  I panicked, but Push quickly put me at ease.  He first asked if I was married and was disappointed to discover I was.  He then asked if that was a fan in my hand.  When I told him it was, he asked if I would mind fanning him.  I, of course, obliged–again, nobody can resist Push.  As I stood there fanning him (let me add that only in Disney is it not only okay but perfectly normal to fan and have a conversation with a trash can), he asked me about my day, where I was from, who I was here with and lots of other questions.  Then, right before he wheeled away, he asked me if I could do him a favor.  I asked what it was, and he told me he would really like a hug. Without hesitation, I wrapped my arms around that adorable gray trashcan and held him like he was a child.  Unfortunately, my husband and son were still at the hotel room at the time, so I didn’t get any pictures of me and Push, but I will always remember our special interaction.

Push 3

Little did I know that just a few short months later, he would be retired.  I know that I am not the only one with special memories of push.  All you have to do is get on YouTube, and you can see the lives he touched.  He aided multiple gentlemen in their proposals (have I mentioned that nobody can resist Push?), held brake dance competitions, did impressions, and so much more.  For 19 years, he warmed the hearts of the Disney guests who were lucky enough to meet him.  Now more than ever, I am so glad that I got to meet him before he retired.  Push will always be one of my most cherished Disney memories.

Push 1