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PUSH The Talking Trash Can


Article and photos By Florida Diva

Walt Disney’s vision of Tomorrowland was one that would be ever changing and ahead of its time, showing us what’s in store as we continue into the future. As you explore these visions of innovation, it’s easy to lose sight of the ever day objects that dot the land.

Tomorrowland, like all other Disney areas, has benches for resting, water fountains for drinking, gardens to admire and trash cans to talk to.

 Wait. What?  

 No, you aren’t hearing things, and you’re not suffering from hallucinations. That trash can did just thank you for depositing your garbage into it. And you, like most others before you, will probably push open the slot and peer inside. Nothing but garbage will greet you and as you turn to walk away, it will more than likely follow you.

 A crowd will begin to gather as Push starts up a conversation. He spins, jokes, burps and even wants to know where you’re from. Delighted children peek inside and run around him looking for a clue as to where the voice is coming from. When he comments on a spectators outfit or choice of mouse-ears, even the adults begin to giggle.  As children ask Push questions, he answers while the children look back to their parents in delight. With his high pitched, digital voice, and his infectious laugh, you’ll easily get caught up in the spontaneous magic of Disney. 

When the conversation draws to an end, Push will politely say, “Excuse me”, as he moves through the crowd, insisting he has to get back to work. He’ll return to where he started, position himself just so, and that will be it. All the prodding from hopeful children and even you’re silent and dignified wishes for one more word will be for not. And that’s part of the enchantment of the land of tomorrow; you never know when something unexpected will surge to life, and for a brief moment, create a lasting memory; just as Walt envisioned it.