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Author: Savvy Diva

Let’s see, if I left right now for the airport, caught the 1:30pm flight, took Disney’s Magical Express, I could be in the Magic Kingdom before dinner…

I have to confess, I am a planner. I love to make lists. I plan vacations for future dates unknown. So when my husband says that we should swing by Disney World on our road trip this June, I was caught off guard. What kind of visit would we have since I don’t have months to plot and scheme? A fabulous one!

Going on a spontaneous trip to Disney World is not difficult. Don’t be overwhelmed over everything you can do or see. Here are a few tips to keep you on track:

1) First, determine how much time you’ll have and how many days of tickets you will need.

2) Second, decide which park is your favorite. THIS article could help you decide if you’ve never been before. Unless you know specifically what you want to do, I personally do one park per day which saves money on tickets by not buying the Park Hopper option, but you might want to read THIS article to see which is the best fit for you.

3) Third, make a small list of rides & attractions that you have an unquenchable desire to do. Be sure you read up on which ages are Ride Appropriate HERE.

4) Fourth, take a “chill pill”. You’re not going to get to do everything. Reading over ride attractions might help you prioritize.

Here’s what my family decided to do for our 1 1/2 day road-trip Disney detour in June:

ROOMS: I booked two nights at the All-Star Movies Resort for two reasons: One, I had never stayed there before, and two, it was super affordable. We don’t plan on spending much time in the room anyway. You can read a review on All-Star Sports which is very similar HERE. If this stresses you out too much, use our Disney Travel Agent, Megan Biller! She’s no cost to you if you book a room on-property and can take a lot of stress out of your quick trip.

PARKS: We decided that our full day was going to be spent at the Magic Kingdom . We have a half day the day before, so instead of trying to get another park in (after a full morning of driving), we’re going to stroll around Downtown Disney, which is free and the resort bus will take us there and back.

ATTRACTION MUST DOS: I wrote down about ten rides & shows I wanted to do, and we also decided to make reservations at Tony’s on Main Street for dinner. I know we can get the list done early and the rest of the day can be just as spontaneous as the trip!

PACKING: In addition to our road trip packing list we already had, I made a copy of the Disney Diva’s Perfectly Packed WDW Backpack. Disney Diva’s packing list can also save you a lot of time and you can find it HERE.

So let’s sum up:
  1. How much time will you have?
  2. Which park do you want to visit?
  3. Which rides & shows are an absolute must?
  4. Toss that perfectly packed backpack in the car & let’s go!