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By Disney Dreaming Diva

“Show your Disney tattoo” is the trend going around many Disney blogs right now.  Adding a Disney tattoo can be your way of permanently displaying your passion for Disney.  Are you ready to do it? Here are a few tips for getting your first Disney tattoo.


What do you want to tattoo?  You know you want some type of Disney tattoo, but what best suits you? This is going to be a permanent symbol of your Disney love on your body. You want something that will stand the test of time.  There are so many elements of Disney that could be a part of your Disney display.

Diva Tip: Choose something iconic that will stand the test of time.  Although the love of Disney lasts a lifetime the characters and symbols of Disney change over time.  When you choose something to be a permanent piece of your life, choose something that you know you will continue to admire for the long term.  Some examples of iconic symbols of Disney could include the Sleeping Beauty and/or Cinderella castles, Mickey and/or Minnie Mouse, a classic Disney Princess or a famous Walt Disney quote. I choose the Sleeping Beauty castle and Micky and Minnie because they represent my love on traveling to Walt Disney World and the mice that started it all. Let your Disney tattoo represent the true you and your love of Disney.

Not a morning person


Where do you want your tattoo? Placement of your tattoo depends upon many varying elements.  When choosing placement ask yourself a series of questions.  “Do I want to be able to see my tattoo?”  Tattoos placed on the shoulder blades or back can only be seen if you look in the mirror and are rarely seen by the public.  This is a good placement if your job does not allow visible tattoos or you want your tattoo to be only for you and those closest to you.  “How is your pain tolerance?”  Placements on the top of the foot will be much more painful than a more fleshy area.  Rib cages and heads are also more painful placements that can be difficult to tattoo.
Diva Tip: Choose a placement that fits your lifestyle. I wanted to see my tattoo and to be able to show it off to the world.  I also wanted to be able to cover it up if I needed to.  That is why I choose my ankle.  Your design my also effect your placement.

Pre tattoo placement


You know what Disney symbols you would like to use in your tattoo, but what do you want it to look like?  Choosing a design can be a long and complicated process. Pinterest can be very helpful.  People love to post pictures of their tattoos.  By searching for Disney tattoos or for the specific symbol you chose, you can see these many tattoos.  Then choose the elements you like and best represent you.  Better yet, flaunt your artistic side and design your own.  When you design your own it guarantees all the elements that you want, just the way you want them.  Not feeling very artsy?  Make an appointment with your tattoo artist to work together to design your Disney tattoo. Make the design fit where you want it on your body and the size that fits that placements.  Smaller tattoos will not show as much detail.  Diva Tip: Design the tattoo you love and make sure it fits your placement.  For me I could not find the perfect design.  I took various elements off of tattoos from Pinterest and took them to my artist to put together.  My final design was bigger than I originally intended because I wanted the detail in the castle.

Tattoo design


Who is the best person to make your Disney dreams come true?  You may not be able to find an artist that specializes in Disney tattoos, but may specialize in the style of tattoo you want.  If you want a water color Disney tattoo look for someone that specializes in watercolor.  If you want an American traditional Mickey Mouse tattoo look for someone who specializes in that style. For me choosing an artist was about cleanliness and reputation. I wanted to be able to see his work and get the opinions of his former clients. I also looked at the condition of his parlor before committing to the tattoo. This gave me a clearer picture of the sanitation practices followed. Talk to the people in your area that already have tattoos you like and find out who they used.  Look at the Facebook pages of your local artists.
Diva Tip: research your artist and find the best one for you.  My tattoo artist was recommended by a friend, had strong ratings on Facebook, and I was impressed with the cleanliness of his studio.  A shout out to Mark Montes from Gett Down Tattoos in Payette, IdahoHe did amazing!

Disney tattoo


When should I get my first Disney tattoo?  For everything there is a time.  You know when you are ready for your first tattoo.  If you are under 18 parent permission will be required.  If you are over 70, you only live once so go for it.  You know you are going to get a Disney tattoo so when is the best time? Do not plan on getting your tattoo right before a big Disney vacation or even on your Disney vacation.  You have to avoid both extended sun exposure and swimming for three to four weeks after a new tattoo.  This would put quite a damper on your Disney vacation.  It is also important to keep a new tattoo clean.  So, near events such as fairs, rodeos, hiking, or even mud volleyball is not recommended.  Tip five: pick a time that works for your life and allows you to properly care for your new tattoo to assure it will be everything you want it to be.  When you do schedule, make sure you have the time to sit for several hours.  You want to make sure you can get what you want and do not want to rush your artist.

Final Disney Tattoo

The biggest piece of advice for your first Disney tattoo is enjoy.  It can be the experience of a lifetime and one you will never forget.  Make it a time for you.  This is your opportunity to permanently incorporate your love for Disney into your everyday life.  For more Disney tattoo magic check out Pixie Hollow Diva’s Tattoo Article here.

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