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By Princess Diva
My boys love their video game time on the iPad and iPod, and Disney games are some of their favorite things to play.  There are so many great Disney apps available that it can be difficult to choose favorites.  I decided to sit down with my boys and get their opinion of the best Disney apps that are out there.  There really isn’t a lot of educational value that goes along with these like some of the toddler apps (and as a teacher, it makes me cringe sometimes) but for pure entertainment value, these really are some great apps.
Diva Tip: Disney apps can be a great way to have a little bit of Disney at home in between Disney trips or while going through Disney withdrawals.
#1 My Penguin App from Club Penguin…only for iPad (Free app and Club Penguin membership is required for extended play)- Middle Disney Brother is a Club Penguin fanatic!  He loves anything and everything Club Penguin related.  With this app for the iPad, players can play mini games, create and design your own penguin, and collect coins to buy more outfits for penguins and buy items to decorate your penguin’s igloo.  What makes this app really cool is that the mini games are different from the games that you find on the computer, there are exclusive items available only on the app, and you can play games with your friends when you are logged in.  There are also new takes overs happening all the time depending on what is new in the Disney world.  During Star Wars weekends at Walt Disney World, you can buy Star Wars themed clothing for your penguins.  Most recently, Teen Beach Movie took over and you could turn your penguin into awesome surfers or cool bikers- complete with motorcycles!
#2 Disney Super Speedway (Free app)

Turn your iPhone or iPod into a steering wheel.  In this racing game, players are able to choose their racer, customize their car, and race other Disney characters.  You can choose from characters from shows like Gravity Falls, Fish Hooks, Phineas and Ferb, and a few others.  There are limited characters that are free with this app.  There are in-app purchases available that allows you to buy the rest of the characters (make sure your passwords are set so that kids cannot just purchase coin packs at their will…don’t ask how I know this).  You can earn coins after each win, and use these to buy cars and new characters.  There are 9 different tracks to choose from, and each track has different power ups that gives you a special power for a short amount of time.  These can be used to help you win that race.
#3 Temple Run: Brave($0.99)

Players get to play as Merida or King Fergus and run from Mordu, the evil bear through the new Scotland environment.  You control your characters by sliding your finger over the screen and making them jump, turn, slide, and shoot arrows along the way.  This game is similar to the original Temple Run. 

#4 Where’s My Perry (Free app or $0.99)

Help Agent P save the Tri-State area.  Agent P’s secret tubes run on water and steam.  It’s your job to help Perry get to his secret headquarters by turning the water into a different state (ice or steam) to power his tube.  In the free version, you get to do this for 15+ levels.  In the paid version, there are more characters and over 200 levels to solve.  I even love this game for its problem solving skills.  Check out the review for Where’s My Mickey too.

                                                                                    #5 Monsters, Inc. Run ($1.99)

Run through Monstropolis as your favorite monsters and try to save Boo.  It is your job to run through six different worlds with some of the best scare teams and take down any monsters that get between you and Boo.  Run, jump, and collect coins through each level as you get closer to saving her.  Use the coins to spend on life saves and new scare teams. 
And just because #6: Watch Disney and Watch Disney XD: (Free app; watch live shows with certain cable providers or limited access with only the app) My boys love being able to take some of their favorite shows along with them where ever they go.  Weather watching Dog With a Blog or Crash and Bernstein, this app can make a doctor’s waiting room a much nicer place or provide another option when three boys can’t agree on the same show to watch on the television.
Diva Tip:  Find new Disney apps to make the car ride or flight go by quicker and get kids excited for their Disney trip.
So, even though my kids may not walk away from these games with a new skill or brushing up on the latest concept they are learning in school, these games get my approval because I don’t have to worry about violence or what they are seeing.  Disney gets kids and knows what they love.  Are there any favorites that I missed?Did you know that Tips from the Disney Divas & Devos have their own app?  Check it out here.