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by Princess Diva
Lately I find myself downloading more and more apps to help keep Disney Baby busy while running errands or while working the Disney Brothers on a school project.  At two and a half years old, I am amazed at how well Disney Baby can navigate through my iPad and iPhone.  I try to make sure that the apps that I am purchasing have some sort of educational value (it’s the teacher in me coming out).  With that being said, one of my favorite apps is solely for the purpose of watching some of Disney Baby’s favorite shows.  And while you are searching be sure to download the Tips From the Disney Diva App too!

Here are some of Disney Baby’s favorite apps right now:
  1. Jake’s Neverland Pirate School (Free)
    Jake is a favorite in our house right now (we even have a Jake birthday party in the works for later this year).  In Jake’s pirate school, Disney Baby gets to trace shapes, learn about instruments, and has to follow directions. After completing the challenges, Disney Baby can earn a certificate from Jake and Peter Pan!
  1. Mickey’s Wildlife Count Along  ($2.99)
    This is one of the newest apps that we have tried.  In this game, Disney Baby gets to help Mickey and the rest of the Clubhouse gang find their way to the beach where Mickey wants to take a picture of a bottle nosed dolphin.  Mickey keeps getting lost though and ends up in different animal habitats.  In each habitat, Disney Baby can count animals and take pictures for Mickey for his scrapbook.  I love this app because it teaches kids about counting, great than and less than, and animals and their habitats.
  1. The Watch Disney Jr. App (Free)
    This is not necessarily educational, but Disney Baby can watch full episodes of his favorite Disney Jr. shows just about anywhere.  We unfortunately don’t have a participating cable company that allows you to watch Disney Jr. live on this app, but the episodes usually change weekly, so we always have something new to watch.  I can’t tell you how this has been a life saver when Disney Baby has been out running errands just a little past his nap time or dad is watching football or golf on the television. 
easy level
  1. Minnie Mouse Puzzles ($0.99)
    Kids love puzzles, and with Minnie’s puzzles, kids can choose from many different puzzles to put together as well as difficulty level.  I think puzzles are a great educational tool because they teach children problem solving skills that they can use in other areas.  When a piece doesn’t fit, we can move it, turn it, or find another piece that works better.  I really like that there are different difficulty levels that change the number of pieces that each puzzle has.  For the easy level, there is a faint copy of the picture so that Disney Baby can match the puzzle pieces to the picture.  For the difficult level, there is no background to match.  I think that it is great that this can grow with your little ones as they get better.
  1. Numbers with Nemo ($1.99)
    Disney Baby loves to count and with Nemo he gets to practice number recognition, writing numbers, and sequencing.  Disney Baby is going to help Nemo get ready for a party.  They get to count the guests by tapping on them and they can hear the game say the number.  Then, they can record their own voice saying each number, and then they get to trace the number.  Four different ways to reinforce their learning of each number. 
These are just some of our favorites at the moment.  There are so many more that are available.  Search Disney in the App Store, and there are tons of apps to browse through.  I want to check out some of the awesome interactive books that I have seen that feature some of our favorite Disney characters.
Diva Tip:  These would be great to download before a Disney trip.  Great way to get them excited and keep them entertained in the car or on the plane!
Are there any Disney apps that you are loving for your Disney babies or toddlers?