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By Diva999

Grandparents are a wonderful addition to any Disneyland trip.  Great Grandparents are even more special. Some remember when the park opened. Some remember past attractions that have disappeared. They have never forgotten though about the magic that Disneyland holds. There is a fountain of youth hidden somewhere inside the park, allowing the old to be young again. Then they wake up the next morning with blisters and sore backs. As reality sets in, there are more rest breaks and fewer adventurous rides. Still there are many things that the young and the young at heart can enjoy doing together. Here are a few that will please everyone in the family along the way.



     The Monorail – The monorail is a wonderful way to get a tour of the park. It’s also a great way for older family members to get off their feet for a bit. Kids get excited because, well it looks like something from outer space. As the Monorail glides through different lands passengers get a bird’s eye view of attractions below. It’s definitely a very different perspective of the park. The trip takes around 15 minutes. It is the perfect time to look out the window and get the layout of the park. Then you can take out your map and see where you and your family will head to next.


The Golden Horseshoe – The Golden Horseshoe is like stepping back in time into an old western saloon. It takes you back to a simpler time. Where good music, and good food made everyone happy. ‘Billy Hill and the Hillbillies’ is the group that really gets the party started. With banjos in hand they start playing the upbeat music that people have come to love. Smiles and laughter fill the room. Older family members love the low key atmosphere, and a chance to watch the younger generation giggle at a stage show. Kids and parents will enjoy it also, because they get to see a show and enjoy some food at the same time. Many kids have never seen live stage show, and what better place to do that then in Disneyland. It’s an all-around great time for young and old alike.


The Mark Twain – As you step aboard the Mark Twain you can feel the history. This steam powered riverboat has been there since the beginning of Disneyland. As you headed down the ‘Rivers Of America’, Mark Twain himself tells a story about some of his life travels. The riverboat attraction takes about 20 minutes and sails smoothly down the river. There are many things to look at on the journey.  Kids will love looking over the railing to find different kinds of animals, and even a Native American village. The older people in your family can sit on benches that line the riverboat, and take in the view. Someone might even learn a little history about America along the way.

The Enchanted Tiki Room – The Tiki Room is a tropical getaway. When you arrive in the queue area there are plenty of places for older family members to sit so they don’t have to wait in line. Also a nice thing is that there is plenty of shade. Fresh pineapple juice is available to purchase which makes this more of an island getaway than, an attraction. As the doors open and you are invited in, lush greenery hangs over head accompanied by the stars of the show. The Tiki room birds Jose, Michael, Fritz, and Pierre start the show singing and flapping. The music is wonderful. The Tiki Room is one of Disneyland’s classic attractions. Older generation and kids will love the show. It’s fun and engaging. There is even a rain storm and lighting. It is the perfect little getaway in your day to please everyone.
The Jungle Cruise – Get ready for an all-out adventure. Fear not, with your talented jungle skipper by your side you’ll sail down the river without losing your head. Well, unless you meet up with one of those pesky head hunters. The Jungle Cruise is a slow boat ride through, well the jungle. Don’t let that surprise you. With hippos running wild and mischievous monkeys, you are sure to be entertained. The highlight of the trip is when you take a turn underneath the famous Schweitzer falls. Older family member get to listen to the hilarious jokes told by the skipper as they cruise down the river. Younger generations will be amazed by the animals and the jumping fish in the water. It truly is an adventurous attraction.


Going on vacation with older family members can be challenging sometimes. In all honesty going with kids is challenging as well.  Everyone needs a little down time in the park to sit and relax. These are just a few examples of thing you can do all together as a family to make everyone happy. Sure there is time for faster rides, but you come to Disneyland to be together. So enjoy. Enjoy the moments you have with the people in your family and treasure the memories you are making with them.