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by Disney Magic Diva


Whenever we visit Animal Kingdom with the grandkids, you can bet we’ll be spending some time in DinoLand U.S.A. It’s one of their favorite areas. And who could blame them? It has a definite “kid” vibe to it, almost like a county fair or carnival. Giant dinosaurs. Bright colors. Several attractions all very close to each other, yet plenty of open space. A play-area. Even arcade-like games. Honestly, what kid wouldn’t want to spend some serious time here? (For other great ways to spend your day at Animal Kingdom, see Beauty & the Beast Diva’s article, here.) TriceraTop Spin

One attraction my 8 and 3 year-old grandkids especially love is TriceraTop Spin. Now don’t let the name scare you off. This isn’t a “spin-till-you’re-dizzy” type ride ala Mad Tea Party. Think, instead, The Magic Carpets of Aladdin. Or Dumbo the Flying Elephant. Because, like Dumbo, these triceratopses fly!

TriceraTop Spin is built to look like a spinning toy top. The delightful triceratops extend from the center of the spinning top. They are brightly colored, and very friendly looking. They’re at Disney, after all! Everyone looks friendly! When you get ready to board your triceratops, a cast member will assign your party a number. The 16 triceratops in this attraction all patiently wait for you by a number painted on the ground. Just find your assigned triceratops, climb aboard, buckle up, and get ready to fly! TriceraTop Spin

Each triceratops has a front and back row, large enough to accommodate 2 adults and at least 2 children (maybe 3 smaller kids). The front row has controls which dictate how much your triceratops tilts forward and backward, while the back row’s control determines how high you fly. So choose wisely when you board!

When each triceratops has its assigned passengers safely buckled in, the music starts and the dinosaurs begin to rotate. They start slowly, but quickly pick up a little speed. But don’t worry. They’re not too fast. They’re triceratops– not velociraptors! Here’s where you want to start using the controls in front of you. Riding in the front row? Push your joystick away from you, and tilt forward. Pull it toward you, and tilt backward. Seated in the back row?  TriceraTop SpinFly high, and take in the spectacular views of DinoLand U.S.A.! Maybe you’ll catch a glimpse of Goofy and Pluto greeting guests just across the walkway, or peek into The Boneyard, the open air play area where young paleontologists dig for fossils. If you prefer more action, push the lever up and down, and your triceratops will do the same. Fly high. Fly low. Fly high. Fly low. Kinda your own little private Tower of Terror. That rotates.

TriceraTop Spin is an ideal attraction for toddlers and preschoolers, but the young-at-heart will enjoy it as well. We have never had to wait more than 20 minutes, and often practically walk on the ride. The queue is outside, but under cover, and there are several large fans overhead – a welcome relief on warm days. There is no age or height restriction, and it is not eligible for FastPass+. Children under the age of 7 must be accompanied by someone 14 years or older. If using a wheelchair or scooter, you will need to transfer to board your triceratops. top-close-up

So when exploring Animal Kingdom, be sure to include DinoLand U.S.A. and take a twirl on TricerTop Spin! It’s a sure-fire family hit, guaranteed to make you feel like a kid again! Ready to see for yourself? Contact Patricia at All for Dreams Travel for a FREE quote to book your family’s vacation!

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