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Normally I would tell you to just say no to drugs, but at Disney World I’m tellin‘ you…
My past two trips (one in October and one in December) I got sick. Sick as a dog. I still swear that its because of breathing the recycled air in the airplane, but I spent a small fortune on medicine at the gift shops.
With that said, do NOT underestimate the importance of bringing a medicine bag with you. Now be smart… if you’re flying in a plane there are all kinds of wacko regulations about how much liquid you can bring in your carry-on so just take an Airborne for a day or so before and the day of your flight to try to get avoid airplane germs, take a tiny thing of hand sanitizer and put everything else in your bags.
We are leaving very soon for our next trip to Disney. Actually I’ve been packed for nearly a month (I know, shut up!), but I wanted to tell you what all is in my medicine bag for our trip.
You should plan to bring:
~ Any REGULAR DAILY MEDS. If you forget it you will be in a pickle.
~ Head Cold/Congestion Medicine – DAY & NIGHT. (this costs a TON at WDW and goes fast)
~ Gas X – especially if you’re not accustomed to lots of high-fat foods.
~ TUMS/ antacid of some sort – again heartburn can kill an otherwise fun day at the World.
~ Advil/Ibuprofen.- Your feet and legs will most likely hurt from the LARGE amount of walking that you will be doing (on average 10-15 miles per day!!!!) so make sure you’ve got some pain reliever to take with you.
~ Tylenol/Acetaminophen/ kids version of this. If a fever creeps up you don’t want to be without, also can help with the HEADACHE which sometimes accompanies the over stimulation effect Disney can have on both you and your family.
~ Heating pad or Heat packs – Again, this will be amazing for you if you have any level of back pain. Even if you don’t I’d still sleep on it around my neck to release the day’s tension.
~ Tussin – will work for both kids or adults if a cough creeps up.
~ Claritin – With the ABUNDANT flora of Middle Florida you may discover you have an allergy to something you didn’t know you had. I would just suggest taking one every day just in case.
~ Pepto capsules – heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, siarrhea . Nuff said.
~ Thermometer – Is your kid just acting crabby b/c they’ve had a busy/overstimulating day, or have they caught something? A thermometer will help to see.
~ Ayr Nasal Spray – again, allergies or congestion can really ruin a trip. Don’t forget this kind of stuff.
~ A small first aid kit you can keep in your backpack. Need some band aids, alcohol pads, triple antibiotic ointment if you don’t want to buy it all together as a little kit.
~Suntan lotion , baby face stick, and Sooth-A-Caine Spray. Disney KNOWS you have to have suntan lotion. IF you forget it you will be out MUCHO DENARO!! Don’t forget your sunscreen.
ODD, but HELPFUL meds to have:
– If your little one has had pink eye and you have any of that medicine left, bring it with you. My son picked it up last trip and it was great having it available.
~ A/B Octic Ear Drops OR Swimmers Ears drops – If your kid frequently gets ear infections or if you think they might be swimming this will pay off HUGE DIVIDENDS if you’ve got some.
~ Tampons (sorry guys but its true). Tampons are a small FORTUNE at WDW Gift Shops. Make sure you pack some just in case. (Midol might be nice too)
~ Airborne on the go packets (nice to slam one on the way out the door in the morning).
If you are staying on property WDW resorts have a shuttle that will take you to a “Doc in the Box”. However, it will be a little pricey and, OF COURSE, you can’t get to them in the night which is when MY kids normally show up sick. On my December trip I SWEAR I thought I had Strep Throat and when I read in the packet I couldn’t do anything till after 8am I sat there and cried. They also have “first aid stations” in every park, but they’re not for anything other than BASIC first aid (think like what your school nurse would do).
Do NOT underestimate the importance of bringing Medicines with you down to WDW. It will save you A LOT of money should you get ill. 🙂
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