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Hello! I’m Allergy Mom Diva, and I have been visiting my “Happiest Place on Earth” since I was a young child. Some of my earliest memories are “rope-dropping” with my family at the Disneyland Resort (while rocking my multi-layered socks, florescent green shorts, and side ponytail… thank you 80’s for your luminous style) .

Writer Wednesday - Allergy Mom Diva

My oldest child’s career goal is to become a princess and live in the Sleeping Beauty Castle (although, it will no longer be named after Sleeping Beauty once my daughter moves in, of course). My youngest child is most happy when she is hugging every Disney plush she sees…and calling them all cats, but that’s another story. My dear husband has just accepted that Disney is an extended member of our family!

My favorite Disneyland Resort tip is to download the official Disneyland app on your mobile device. It is a one-stop shop for buying tickets, accessing Disney MaxPass, reserving dining, browsing maps, viewing wait times, and more.

I also suggest making dining reservations on the day they become available (usually 60 days in advance) to ensure you are able to eat at your favorite restaurants. Blue Bayou, Lamplight Lounge, and a character dining breakfast are always on our “must-do” list.


My favorite articles tend to be ones that help guests with food allergies navigate the Disneyland Resort. My family has food allergies, and we have learned many tips from our numerous trips to the parks. “Managing Food Allergies at Disneyland’s Character Dining Locations” and “Where to Find Allergy Sweets and Treats at Disneyland” were some of my first articles. I also have helpful information in my review of the World of Color Dessert Party.

And, if you have ever dreamed about taking a solo trip to any Disney park, I recommend reading “Flying Solo at the Disneyland Resort.” There are actually many benefits to visiting the Disneyland Resort by yourself!

If you want help booking your own Disneyland Resort vacation, be sure to contact Patricia from All for Dreams travel!