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by Pin Trading Diva

Sparkling tinsel grace the tops of buildings, carolers sing up and down the street, mice dress in red and green – you know what that means! Christmas time is here at the Disneyland Resort! Yes, one of the most beloved (and most crowded) times of the year is upon us and I’m here to show you all the holiday happenings around the park.


Let’s start off with Main Street, one of the most decorated parts of the park for the season. You’ll notice almost all the decorations this year have a little sparkle or silver in them for the 60th Anniversary. Even the giant tree (normally red and green) shines blue in celebration.


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My favorite window display this year is the nutcracker themed window. You see Mickey and Minnie nutcrackers centered around actual nuts (ok they are props but still!). But the best part of the window display is tucked away in the corner. Outside the display window hide two devilish little chipmunks working on a plan to capture the nuts inside – yes Chip and Dale are in there! Leave it to Disney to capture every detail!

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Bakers have been working hard on creating some Christmas Treats for guests. You can see some 60th apples as well as a whole bunch of Olafs in preparation in the Main Street kitchen.









The horses adorned with bells walk along Main Street as their cars are covered in garland and decorations.










Sleeping Beauty’s Castle (missing its normal frosty details) has a spectacular wreath at its center. Fitted with royal purple, silver, and blue ornaments this 60th themed decoration is definitely something that catches guests eyes.









If you turn left into Adventureland you will notice the jungles awaiting you are decked out for the holidays. The place with the most decorations has to be the Jingle Cruise (the Christmas version of the Jungle Cruise). With festive decorations merging together with the wildlife this is a must ride for the whole family! Although I’d say the decorations in the queue might be more exciting than the ride itself!









Frontierland leaves no rooftop un-tinseled this season. Pretty greens and even pinecones make up most of the decorations here. However the restaurant Ranch Del Zocalo (one of my favorites) spices things up. Literally adorned with chili peppers stand white garland with colorful attachments as well as the addition of poinsettias around the seating area. Beautiful!
















Off in the reaches of New Orleans Square there is a celebration every day of the season! A giant Masquerade Mask greets you and as you look around you’ll notice Mardi Gras beads on every light pole. Purple and gold seem to be the colors here as bright garland hang from the second story windows.
















Past the Haunted Mansion Holiday attraction (blending Halloween and Christmas together in a fantastic duo of celebration), we head into Critter Country – home of Winnie the Pooh and Friends. Honey drips over all the decorations here – making me very rumbly in my tumbly!

Replacing the Pooh and Friends meet and greet is an area to meet Mr. Jolly himself – Santa! As you wait in the queue you’ll notice all the decorations put up by Pooh and his Pals for the season – including a tree filled with honey pots and carrots as well as a snow sculpture of Pooh and Piglet.

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But the real excitement is meeting Santa himself. He loves to talk about all his Disney friends that he meets in the park and anyone (even adults) are welcome to sit on his lap!










On the other side of Disneyland is Toontown and it has its own unique set of decorations for the holidays. The Town Hall, City Bank, etc have particular themed garland fitting the building itself!



























Then there’s the Small World area of Fantasyland. It has been Christmas – ified for the holidays! Sparkling at night with thousands of pink and green lights this ride comes to life for the season. You can read more about this fun ride here .









Speaking of Small World, the area around this attraction is a wonderful spot to see the Christmas Parade! This magical parade (being shown only once a day due to other 60th Anniversary celebrations) is a can’t miss on your Disney trip. So show up early (like 45 – 60 minutes prior) get a great seat!

Here you will watch the classic Toy Soldiers march along, dance with Bakers and their Gingerbread Men, even make toys with actual Toys from Toy Story! And of course at the end of it all you see Santa himself as he whisks along in his magic sleigh. Kids and adults alike will find joy in this parade.


































Well this is what’s been happening for the Holidays here at Disneyland this year. There is so much more to see and experience in person so talk to our FREE Diva Travel Agent Patricia at All for Dreams Travel here to plan your own Holiday Trip!

Happy Holidays!