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By D’land Diva

Princess Diva wrote an awesome article about babies in the parks, and this article is it’s companion with a specific emphasis on Disneyland.

Full disclosure: this picture was actually taken at Disney’s California Adventure, not Disneyland, but it is one of my favorites from when my son was a baby. He could barely stand on his own, but he wanted to see Sulley up close. He was in AWE of this huge, blue, furry character. It is this awe that makes trips to Disneyland with babies so much fun.

There will be people who tell you they are too young and will not enjoy it. There will be people who will tell you to go for it. Just like most of us have learned since becoming parents, people have an opinion about everything when it comes to you raising your child. The decision to take your baby to Disneyland is your decision, and I am here to tell you first hand that it can be done and it can be fun!

We took both our babies to Disneyland for the first time at two months old. As a family who frequents Disney, we wanted to expose them to it early. When you think about Disneyland or any theme park for that matter, from a baby’s point of view, it can be intimidating. Loud noises, lots of people, dark rides, different smells…all of these things can make the experience at theme parks a little discomforting for the littlest of visitors.

Here are some suggestions for making your trip to Disneyland with a baby good for everyone in your group:

1) Pack away. Bring some comforts from home. A favorite blanket, stuffed animal and toy can be comforting for your baby. If you are using formula, you will want to bring plenty of bottles, liners if necessary and your own formula. The Baby Care Center will give you one or two bottle liners if they have them (they are not in a sealed box) and their selection of formula is limited. Diva Tip: We used a Tupperware container to hold the formula and put the scoup right inside.  Diapers and wipes are also important to pack, especially if your baby is sensitive and needs a certain brand or perfume free (like my babies). If you have a baby carrier, bring it. If you have a stroller, you will have built in storage.

2) Utilize the Baby Care Center. This place is wonderful. It is located at the end of Main Street, right across from the famous Red Wagon Corndog Cart. Here, you will find highchairs for feeding, sinks for washing, baby supplies if you run out (purchase only), quiet and private nursing and cushioned changing tables. There is also cold water and filtered water, which can be important for formula feeding. The nursing area has nice comfy chairs that face away from one another for privacy. I always liked to nurse here because I did not have to use my cover up, which meant less sweaty baby and mom!

3) Use a baby carrier. I used the Moby wrap and the Baby Bjorn on trips to Disneyland. For many of the rides, you can leave the baby in the carrier and ride with your baby attached to you. This is comforting for both baby and mom. Oh, and if dad is willing to use the carrier, all the better!

4) Take frequent breaks.  If you are nursing, you will have some built in break times. I liked to rest on the Disneyland Railroad (and I have nursed there, too), and in the Observation Outpost Room at the Finding Nemo Submarine ride (also a good nursing place). Of course, there are plenty of benches throughout the park in which to rest and/or nurse as well. Make sure you are eating and drinking plenty, too, if you are nursing. It is easy to forget about food and  water when you concentrating on the baby at Disneyland.  Taking a break also allows you some time to play with your baby and cuddle, something all babies need! It also goes without saying, but your little one will need rest time and this is the best time for you take a rest as well.

5) Get some character pictures. I am convinced that some of the best pictures of both my babies have come from Disneyland. The characters LOVE to interact with babies. One time, Stitch took my three month old’s shoe and tried to put it on his own foot. D’land Diva Hubby caught the whole thing on camera!

6. Take advantage of Rider Switch. There will be rides in which you will not be able to take your baby. If this happens, wait in line and once at the front, ask a cast member for a Rider Switch pass. You will be asked to wait at the exit of the ride with the baby and you can ride after your partner rides. Diva Tip: This works especially well when you have an older child. I have sat and nursed outside the ride while my husband and son went on the ride. After they went on the ride, I was given the Rider Switch pass and I went on the ride with my son, while my husband waited with the baby.

The bottom line is: don’t be afraid to take your baby to Disneyland. There are plenty of resources within the park to meet your needs, you will have fun and best of all, you will be creating memories!