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Author: Budget Diva

On my most recent trip to Disney World last month, I found it very easy to nurse my baby girl throughout Magic Kingdom. I have some tips that I am going to share with you including some great spots to nurse your little one’s. Tips for nursing moms:

  1. Find a nice cool spot: I would recommend the benches directly behind the Ye Old Christmas Shop which is a somewhat less crowded area of the park. An added bonus is the meet and great for Princess Tiana nearby so you will be able to nurse your little one while the older siblings wait in line to meet the Princess! There is also a great spot located in Tomorrowland across from the Buzz Lightyear ride on the cement benches (not the most comfortable but somewhat private). You can read a whole article about good quiet places to rest and nap at WDW HERE.
  2. Bring a nursing cover or blanket: To allow privacy. Remember there are people from all over the world at Disney World and different cultures may find public nursing very offensive.
  3. Don’t be embarrassed to nurse in public: I used to be somewhat ‘shy’ about nursing in public places, but after going to Disney World I noticed many nursing mom’s and it is really not a big deal.
  4. Don’t forget about the baby care centers: These are wonderful centers designed for parents (yes Dad’s are welcome too!), to cool off inside, change diapers, feed little one’s, etc They even offer baby food, formula, diapers, wipes, etc for sale
  5. Nobody knows your baby as well as you: Regardless of what everybody else around you or in your party may think, if you know its time to feed your baby… FEED THEM! There are plenty of nice cool places! No reason any part of your family should be miserable at Disney!