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By Local Diva


Walt Disney World offers wonderful nursing mother’s rooms in all four of their parks, which are located inside of the baby care center at each park. The rooms are dimly lit with rocking chairs, privacy curtains, and most importantly…AIR CONDITIONING! I absolutely loved this when my daughter was one and we were on our first family trip. Fast forward to today, however, and I have three kids, two of whom want to be in the parks running, and not sitting in a dark room full of babies. Nevertheless, nobody is out of luck, as there are still PLENTY of places to nurse a baby at WDW!

Of course, when your baby is hungry, he or she is HUNGRY, and unless you are in the middle of a ride that requires restraint, you can really nurse anywhere. Regardless, I have compiled a list of my favorite places in each park:

Magic Kingdom:

My FAVORITE place in Magic Kingdom is the Dumbo playplace, the area inside where you wait for your beeper to ring to get on the attraction. It is air conditioned, dimly lit, your other children are always within sight, and you are in good company – the last time I nursed in there, I was one of about 15 moms doing so!

Country Bear Jamboree is another great option. Again, the lights are down, the bears are entertaining for children, and the show lasts about 15 minutes.

I rarely visit “Small World” without seeing a mama and a baby somewhere!

The people mover is a great option as well. My kids enjoy the views of the park and you can ride again and again.

If you have older children who would enjoy the show, the Hall of Presidents is in a nice large, dark, cool auditorium.

The Walt Disney World Railroad is a classic attraction for children with room to nurse a baby, as well, and also a great option to ride over and over until you have a sleeper!

And finally, the Carousel of Progress is very conducive to nursing mothers.


Epcot does not contain as many “quiet” attractions like Magic Kingdom does, but you still have options.

The World Showcase is very pleasant in the opening hours of the park. When our youngest was only a couple of months old, I sat in a bench on the lake under a tree and it was incredibly peaceful, with not a soul in sight. However, the afternoons are very hot, and the Canadian Pavilion and the Moroccan Pavilion are the only two places with shade to nurse.

Living with the Land is my top nursing spot in Epcot! Longer ride, not too loud, and interesting for the other kiddos.

The Living Seas is a nice indoor place to sit while your other children explore the aquariums and fun facts.


Hollywood Studios:

Hollywood Studios has lots of shows and attractions that would be great nursing options, however, many of them are LOUD. Here are my favorite spots inside HS…

The Magic of Animation is a great area with plenty to do for your other children such as drawing, coloring, and interacting with technology.

Muppet Vision 3D is also a great spot to nurse, although it is on the louder side.

Ariel, Beauty and the Beast, and Disney JR are three great auditoriums to nurse in. Just a warning, however, you sit on the floor for Disney JR!


Animal Kingdom:

Of course you can always stop along the way within one of the exploration trails, however, it is very hot!

Finding Nemo the Musical was GREAT. Tons of space beside AND in front of you, lots of time, and air conditioning!

“The Boneyard” actually had plenty of seating and picnic tables for adults, but make sure you have another adult with you, as there is plenty of space for kids to get lost while you are nursing!

The Wildlife Express Train is another great option for your family!

And finally, Kilimanjaro Safari is my top nursing spot at AK! However, I would ONLY recommend this for families with older babies and toddlers who can hold their head up. It is a VERY bumpy ride!


After three kids in five years, with frequent trips to WDW, these are my favorite, but not the ONLY options. Every family, baby, and mother, has different preferences, but I hope this gives you a few good ideas when you hear that certain cry…