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by JollyFrogger Diva

Bímis ag ithe! A Wonderful Dinner at Raglan Road

In Gaelic “bímis ag ithe” means “let’s eat” and that’s certainly how I feel about dining at Raglan Road at Disney Springs!

My family doesn’t have a lot of experience dining at Disney Springs, we generally eat at a resort before visiting for a little shopping on a non-park day. On our most recent trip, our trip to Disney Springs fell on my husband’s birthday. As is tradition, we allowed the birthday boy to choose where he wanted to eat for his special day. After reading Devo CabDisney’s glowing review of Raglan Road, my husband chose it for his birthday meal. We both love Irish food and music, so it sounded like just the spot to celebrate!
Diva Tip: Due to the restaurant’s popularity, reservations are a good idea. You can make them through Disney’s dining page or directly on Raglan Road’s website.

When we arrived at Raglan Road, we were seated in a small drawing room to the left of the main dining room. Although the room was smaller in size, it was no less noisy. If you’re looking for a quiet intimate place to dine with your loved one, this might not be the place for you. We were given some time to browse their impressive menu, and it was hard to choose just one entrée. After we received our drinks, the server brought us some delicious bread to start us off. The brown oat bread is made with Guinness beer in the dough itself and served with a side of Guinness reduction. Don’t let the idea of Guinness scare you! I’m not a huge fan of it as beer but the bread didn’t have a beer taste at all and the reduction didn’t have a strong alcoholic taste. Most of my family wasn’t wild about the reduction but I found it to be rather delicious. My husband, who is a Guinness fan, couldn’t get enough. We passed on any additional appetizers because we knew we’d be wanting dessert after our entrees.

Bímis ag ithe! A Wonderful Dinner at Raglan Road


While we were waiting on our entrées, an Irish dancer arrived to entertain us. She pulled several children, including my daughter, up to dance with her. This was definitely the highlight of my daughter’s night as she loves to dance. After they finished, the dancer gave them all a sticker for participating that my daughter proudly wore the rest of the meal.
Bímis ag ithe! A Wonderful Dinner at Raglan Road


Shortly after the dancing ended, our entrées arrived.Such a way to distract us from the wait!  I ordered the braised beef, which was served with a side of roasted vegetables and colcannon mashed potatoes. Colcannon mashed potatoes are a traditional irish dish that combines mashed potatoes and cabbage. I did not know exactly what the colcannon potatoes were when I ordered them, but I figured it was hard to go wrong with any potato dish in an Irish restaurant!

Raglan Road Braised Beef / Bímis ag ithe! A Wonderful Dinner at Raglan Road
The beef was absolutely phenomenal – fork tender, juicy, and flavorful! The colcannon potatoes were delicious, although it was a bit unusual having little bits of crunchy cabbage mixed in with the smooth potatoes. The flavor was delicious, however, and I would order them again now that I know exactly what they are and what to expect. The roasted veggies were good too, but I only sampled them as there was more than enough food on the plate and I wanted to save room for dessert.

My husband ordered the Lambo, which is a braised lamb shank with mashed potatoes with a leek and mushroom fondue. My husband said it was one of his FAVORITE meals of our entire trip!

Raglan Road Lamb / Bímis ag ithe! A Wonderful Dinner at Raglan Road


Despite the generous portions of our entrées, we did our best to save room for dessert. I had heard so many wonderful things about Ger’s Bread and Butter Pudding that I knew we had to give it a try. Since my husband chose the bread pudding for his dessert, I chose the chocolaty delight known as the Dunbrody Kiss for mine so I’d get the opportunity to sample both.

Raglan Road Dunbrody Kiss
 / Bímis ag ithe! A Wonderful Dinner at Raglan Road

The Dunbrody Kiss was everything I had hoped for – smooth and light, but deliciously chocolatey and decadent. It was served with some pretty swirled chocolate shards and a few fresh raspberries on the side. It’s small in size, but HUGE on chocolate flavor.

The star of dessert, however, was definitely Ger’s Bread and Butter Pudding. We had noted that we were celebrating my husband’s birthday when we made the reservation, so they brought out a candle with dessert to help us celebrate. The candle was down in some sort of toasted marshmallow fluff that was delicious. The bread pudding was served in a cute tea cup with a side of cream and melted butter that you’re supposed to pour over the top of the bread pudding to make it truly delectable. I am a fan of bread pudding any day, but this was particularly delicious it was warm and moist with a rich buttery taste. This bread pudding was so good I would visit Raglan Road again, just to have dessert!

Raglan Road bread pudding / Bímis ag ithe! A Wonderful Dinner at Raglan Road


Overall, we had a fantastic meal- one of the best we’ve had on Disney property. The portions were generous, the food was absolutely delicious, and the atmosphere was festive and a tad rambunctious like you’d expect from a good pub. We will definitely be dining at Raglan Road on future trips!

If you want to plan your own reservation for Raglan Road, please consult with All for Dreams Travel, an Independent Agency with Gateway to Magic Travel and an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner!