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Raglan Road

Dining Review

By Savvy Diva

Raglan Road is an Irish pub and restaurant in Downtown Disney. The atmosphere is fantastic. The food is delicious. The prices are staggering.

I’m an Irish girl, so when I was in Downtown Disney this summer I jumped at the chance to check out this restaurant. I did not make an advanced reservation, so we had to wait an hour for a table on a Thursday evening. (Diva Tip: Make reservations!) They have a large stage for live entertainment at the far side of the main dining room and it can get pretty loud. Since we had a little one with us, we requested a table in a side room, but it was still far from quiet. This is not the place for a quiet, intimate dinner! Everyone seemed to be laughing and having a good time.
Everything was delicious! Fresh warm bread & dipping sauce was brought out for us while we waited for our meal. For dinner we had Fish & Chips ($19) and the Portabella Beauty sandwich ($15), both came with fries. For dessert we had a Dunbrody Kiss ($8.50) which is a rich chocolate creation.

During our meal we could hear the music and the steps of some Irish Dancers on the main stage. Much to our surprise, they brought a wooden dance board back to our section and danced for us too!

If the prices don’t scare you away, this is a great restaurant with tasty food, a warm atmosphere, and lots of smiles!