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 by iBelieve Diva
The significance of Cinderella’s Castle is a deeply rooted image that spawned in my earliest memories as a child. Growing up, I remember the Disney Channel and VHS tapes of Disney movies were headlined with a majestic image of the Disney Castle. I knew happiness was close by when I saw Tinkerbell fly over the triumphant turrets, leaving a twinkly trail of pixie dust leading to a land of infinite dreams. Although technology has enhanced the visual quality of this image in the 21st century, seeing this iconic emblem reminds me of innocent beginnings, magical mystery, and warm fuzzies of time spent with family, especially around the Christmas Holiday.
Merry Christmas in Disney World takes a magical peppermint twist of sparkly white pixie dust and red mouse enchantment resulting in a Christmas holiday that is sure to take your breath away. There is no camera in the world that can capture the absolute splendor of Cinderella’s Castle draped in dripping pinpoints of brilliant glowing fireflies.  We planned our Magic Kingdom ramblings to witness firsthand the lighting of the castle.  Once the castle was shaded in darkness, the thickness of anticipation builds, you know that only moments separate you from a dazzling Disney sensory experience. Then, the crisp, immediate snap of icy light materializes; your retina is startled, your pupils are suddenly constricted, and words fail to form. Thousands of LED lights and 18 miles of cable enchant the heart and mind to forget ordinary life – you are in the here and now, in the midst of a fairytale ignited by electricity and pixie dust.  Even the most Scrooge-like human will be impressed by this Disney Imagineering marvel that took over six weeks and many hours to leave its shimmering impression.
If you are lucky enough to have gotten a ticket to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, you will be able to experience Holiday Wishes, a Christmas version of the nightly Wishes pyrotechnic celebration. Cinderella’s castle is the star of the show, twinkling, shining, and dazzling along to your favorite Christmas melodies featuring your favorite Disney characters.
Intricate details were taken into consideration so the daytime splendor of the castle would not be compromised. The netting used to hang the lights is specially designed to match the colors and texture of the Castle’s exterior, making it nearly impossible to detect wires and other necessary hardware. I had researched this fact before leaving for our December 2010 trip and wanted to see if my magical Castle looked any different with its new Christmas dress. My investigation confirmed the painstaking attention to fine detail; Cinderella’s Castle was unblemished and had maintained its pristine diurnal décor. During the daytime hours, entertainment and Christmas spirit combine on the stage in front of the Castle when Mickey and the whole Disney character family Celebrate the Season with medleys of singing and dancing.


If you are viewing the splendor of Cinderella’s Castle at night on Main Street USA, you may notice a few white sparkly things falling from the sky. Yes, Disney has the power to change the weather (temporarily). Snowflakes, made from a liquid soap mixture, fall gracefully from the sky setting the perfect scene for viewing the castle dripping with crystal icicles.  Slightly modifying the unofficial US Postal Service motto, neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these true Disney dreamers from their beacon  – Cinderella’s Castle. And a beacon it truly is, Christmas ignites a royal radiance that seems to come within the structure itself. The 200.000 lights are hung with the smiles, hopes, wishes, and twinkles from the eyes of millions of guests who have allowed Disney to house imagination, reverie, optimism, and aspiration in a single building.