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Written by: InspireDiva

As lovers of Disneyland and all that is Disney, what is it that keeps us returning? Even with the price increases there is a LARGE amount of us that just can’t stay away.

The main reason of course is that Walt knew exactly what he was doing! He wanted to create a place where people could step out of the real world and into the magical.

Everything about Disneyland is catered towards keeping you in the park and that in turn will keep you coming back. Doesn’t everything seem perfect when you are in the park? The park itself is immaculate, the customer service is incomparable (cast members are awesome), and the food service is excellent. You constantly hear happy music that reminds you of being a child, and the scents, don’t even get me started… AMAZING!!! Then you add on the attractions and character interactions they take it to a whole new world and it’s magical world full of wonder and imagination!

Personally when I walk into the park, I can literally feel myself letting go. The sites and sounds as soon as I walk into the park make me feel like I have come home. I have loved Disney since I was a little girl, I have imagined myself as every princess from Sleeping Beauty and Ariel to most recently Rapunzel. I sing along and imagine myself as them and in their worlds. I dreamed of being a princess too. As an adult the characters become so real to me. You cheer for them and hurt for them, you laugh and you cry for them. They become your friends and when you are done watching them you wish that it wasn’t over. You want it to be real…

Now, take that scenario and apply it to children. The separation that we can make as adults just isn’t there for kids. Every character is real, they are their friends, they join them in their imaginations while they play games and they look up to them. These characters become their heroes. They don’t know any different. So when you take your child to Disneyland and they see their favorite character for the first time, it is their dream come true, and when you look into your child’s shining eyes you will see everything they believe in. You see all that wonder and know that they believe in magic and fairies, they believe that love concurs all, and that they can do anything! You will see all of this in their sweet little faces (or even more grown up ones) and you will want to see it again and again. Because, that look is PRICELESS.

We are all attracted to magic and wonder, we jump into the illusion and we let is consume us, because in a few short days we must step back into the real world. Then we dream of becoming a part of that illusion again.

Thank You Walt for giving us exactly what we all need. Repeatedly.