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A shirt I’ve had my eye on forever
By Undercover DivaI love to window shop at Disney Vault 28. They have some very cute Disney and Disney-inspired pieces. It’s a bit more on the pricey side which is why I look with my eyes and not my wallet! But trust me, if money wasn’t a problem, I would be all over some of the items in this store.

Disney say what?!
There are also a lot of things in the store that are very not Disney. Though it seems like the California Disney Vault 28 is better than the one in Florida, some things in the store are things you would expect to find someplace like Hot Topic or a store of the like.
One of the seat belt purses
 They do carry many of the more upscale Disney products like the Dooney and Burke purses, seat belt purses that I haven’t seen anywhere else, and the Beautifully Disney makeup line. They also have a lot of artwork inspired by the movies and the park, but it seems like some of that stuff can be found a short walk away at WonderGround Gallery. If you are looking for edgy Disney stuff, this is the place. If you are thinking you are going to find things similar to the World of Disney, you will be surprised. If pure Disney is what you want, I would skip the Disney Vault 28 and just head for World of Disney.