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In the evenings at Walt Disney World while we all sit and wait for parades and fireworks cast-members roll out these HUGE carts full of every light up thing you can imagine. For some reason these things absolutely MESMERIZE children and they “HAVE TO HAVE THEM!”

Now, here’s the quandary parents get into… it’s likely that the child/children are exhausted from the day, thus they are MORE prone to complete and utter melt-down fits. I have seen some kids so exhausted in the throws of a fit that I would swear their heads are about to spin around. And their poor tired parents are either ignoring it and acting like this kids not theirs (thats my common approach) or going ballistic on the kid. So when they see these glowing things and they’re already tired a simple “no” could end up in a miserable evening for you both. The other issue is that these things are EXPENSIVE and really not going to be used after you leave WDW like many other souvenirs.
So how to fix this? BRING GLOW STICKS WITH YOU!
That’s right, when you’re packing your bags put in some of the glowsticks, glow necklaces, glow bracelets which you can find everywhere right now since its Halloween. Then just pack them in your backpack and pull them out when its parade time, break them in half, shake them up, and instant glow for A LOT less! Your kids will be happy and so will your wallet!