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by Neverland Diva

One of my all-time favorite stories is Peter Pan which makes my favorite Walt Disney World attraction Peter Pan’s Flight!  There have been many variations of James Barrie’s original story with my top two being Walt Disney’s animated feature and Steven Speilberg’s Hook!  Fairies, pirates, faith, trust and pixie dust are all amazing themes to inspire little ones and to remind us all to never grow up!
Located in Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom Park, Peter Pan’s Flight is one of the most popular attractions and tends to form a long line, quickly!  We typically opt to use Fastpass+ so that we can avoid the often minimum 45 minute wait time, but on our most recent visit, took a chance waiting in line.  We chose to make this our first stop of the day and my four year old requested that the “Wendy Ride” be our last as well!  This allowed for a shorter wait, around 20 minutes and we were finally able to experience the new interactive queue!  The enhancements are nothing short of amazing and while it can be difficult to get little ones to stand in line, you do not want to miss this!  The line has been expanded to include pictures of the Darling family, Nana, an incredibly staged nursery, as well as some really cool interactive portions that prepare you for your journey to Neverland!   Despite being an older attraction, Peter Pan’s Flight continues to be a “do not miss” for our family and here’s why!

photo-9Photo Courtesy of Dopey Diva

This ride is an “original  Operating since WDW opened in 1971, it continues to be a top crowd pleaser!  Peter Pan was released in 1953, two years prior to the opening of Disneyland Walt was instrumental in its creative process.  There’s something extraordinary about the rides that you know Walt had a hand in creating.  You can actually see his vision firsthand, it’s pure magic!

This ride truly is for everyone!  Besides being an all ages attraction, there really isn’t anything too scary about this ride!  Though it is a dark ride, it’s basically really fun!  You be the judge, you know your kids best!  I recommend watching the movie at home as a prequel!  The interactive queue also really helps to make the ride more a lot more fun, especially the pixie dust!


Nana!  The adorable nanny for the Darling children is one of my favorites parts about Peter Pan!  Having a dog as a nursery supervisor is one of the fabulous underrated pieces of magic in Disney’s animated feature.  The new additions to the line finally give Nana the spotlight she deserves and her dog house is so adorable!

London!  Peter Pan chooses the Darling family and they live in London so it must be one of the most magical cities in the World.  I spent three hours there during a layover and it was enchanting!  I cannot wait to go back and bring my children, until then, flying over replica in a pirate ship will have to do!


What is your family’s “must do” attraction at Walt Disney World??