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Peter Pan’s Flight
By Stephanie the Dopey Diva

Have you ever watched Peter Pan and wondered what it would be like flying over London and Neverland like Peter, Wendy, Michael and John?

Well that is what Peter Pan’s flight allows you to do. This ride is one of the Magic Kingdom’s most magical and most popular attractions. This wonderul adventure begins with boarding your pirate ship that magically flies over the Darlings nursery.

From there you will soar over London where you can see Big Ben. Then it’s off to Neverland where you will see mermaids, indians,  the Lost Boys, and a battle between Captian Hook and Peter Pan. Of course it wouldn’t be Peter Pan if Tic Toc Croc didn’t make an attempt to get Ole’ Captain Hook so keep an eye out!
Since Peter Pan’s flight is such a popular attraction I strongly recommend getting a Fast Pass, or riding it first on your way back to the new part of Fantasyland, otherwise you could have a considerably long wait depending on how crowded the MK is. 

Even though this ride is suitable for all ages it is dark so if your child (or adult) has a fear they may not wish to ride. 

It is also not wheelchair accessible and the person will need to be transferred from the wheelchair to the ride vehicle. There is no height requirement.